Happy Mother’s Day Herro Erin!!

by sara on May 12, 2013

Dear Happy Mother,

Happy Mother’s Day!!!  We are more excited than a five dog cookout to celebrate how special you are to us.  This has already been a tough year, so in honor of your hard work and sacrifice over the past three decades (even though Sara and I are both 25), we would like to give you the all-inclusive gift of Rest & Relaxation.

I hope you are ready to take it easy and have fun, because we have planned you and Chum-Chum a little beach vacation to sunny and exotic DESTIN, FLORIDA!  In mid-July, you and Jeff will depart Dallas for a non-stop flight to Ft. Walton Beach and rent a car for a short drive to your beachfront hotel in Destin.  You will have a long, peaceful, banking-free weekend to eat, play, and be merry without any connections, itineraries, or responsibilities to worry about.

The trip, planned with love, shapes issues and slow internet, has one condition: it cannot be canceled.  No matter what needs to be done in Dallas, we’ll take care of it.  And no turkey/lettuce diets on this trip.  If you don’t hashtag Foodgarbl at every shrimp post, we will consider it a failed trip.  Also, we want this to be a carefree trip but please baby Dad like the lil giraffe that he acts like (sunscreen reminder, Pepcid AC samples in your back pocket, no donuts in the rent car, etc).  You are the most amazing mom any kid could ever ask for and you deserve to be pampered without Pampers.

We know you will have a blast and come back ready for more Aweschumness.  We love you and can’t wait to hear about your trip!!


It has been forever since I last garbl’d.  I feel so much older and wiser!  My maturity level is at an all time low though.  How have you guys been?  Good?  Good, cuz I wanted to know.  We taught Enzo how to say his prayers.  I’m raising him to be an honest, moral Vizsla.  I told him to close his eyes when he prays but he’s afraid Riley will steal his toys.

Is it weird that my dog gets so excited to go on a walk that he has to put a dirty shirt in his mouth to contain the excitement?

Riley was fed up with the leash laws so she voted.

I already garbl’d Fajita Pita but don’t ever trust my opinion until you’ve had it backed up by Crazy Bettye.  For the record, she loves the Pita.  We weren’t sure if she was ready for the goodness but she flexed and proved she was strong enough to handle a delicious burrito.

The Fajita Pita crew were super excited to see Mamaw.  She is now their favorite customer (2nd is the guy that carries around a stuffed platypus)(he is in his 40’s)(the mall can be scary).

I’m pretty sure Beejer thought this was Barry Manilow but I didn’t tell her otherwise.

Back in October, Jason and I finally gave in and acknowledged that we had no decorating taste so we called our friend Jessica in Austin to see if she would help.  All it took was some pizza bribery and she came right up.

She brought her doggy Sadie who is one of my all time favorite puppies.  She can climb trees and has the gentle spirit of a Lab and the thick coat of a Chow.  She reminded me of Piper so I told Jason I want another dog and he made me go in timeout.

Jessica took me furniture shopping but kept having to smack me around b/c I’d get distracted easily.

What were we shopping for again?  Santas?  This is why we have no furniture in our house.

Jessica couldn’t believe the Biebs was at Dillard’s.  She wanted her picture toos!

We found this coffee table which I think is bomb but the price tag is whack.  Jessica kept getting mad at me b/c I’d really like something but say it was too much money or put it in the cart and then put it back on the shelf if I was unsure.  She finally caught on to my tricks though and forced me to buy stuff.  Thank God b/c now we have a place to sit in the house!

If you ever want a professional interior decorator, hire this chick.  She even measured topiary balls to make sure they’d fit in a vase!

I feel like this picture is self explanatory.

Day 2 of shopping wore us out so we met Jason at Thai Soon to fill our bellies.

When we got home, we hung curtains!  They’re so shimmery!  I didn’t know curtains could do that!

Jessica also hung pictures like a pro.  I’m not quite sure how I knew where exactly to hang a Jonathan Taylor Thomas poster when I was little but now that I’m an adult I can’t even hang a flower picture on the wall.

Our big find was a bench for a random nook in our entryway.  Jessica found this at Home Goods.  I would have walked right by it but she spotted it, whipped out the measuring tape and had it in the cart faster than I could say “but what if…”

We got a lot of stuff done with Jessica’s help that we never would have been able to do on our own.  As a final reward, we took her out to breakfast with Mamaw at Cindi’s.  All I wanted was to have a nice family style breakfast but everyone got on their phones and started Instagramming.  #FAMILYTIME

This was our adorable group shot before Jessica left for Austin.  It was also right before she looked down and realized we had snuck money in her purse and she tried to jump out and throw it in our car but we screeched the tires through the parking lot and nearly caused 10 Life Alerts to go off.  I am so thankful for good friends, good memories, and really good tires.


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