If HOH was an HOA, I’d Pay the Dues

by sara on April 19, 2010

Hacienda on Henderson
2326 North Henderson Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206-7024

Hacienda on Henderson, spanish for "Little house with BAMF patio"

They're open til 2am! I like their rice!

Hacienda on Henderson has gotten a bad rap.  Do them a favor and don’t google their reviews.  Just read Foodgarbl, the obvious choice in food critiquing.  We went here a couple weeks ago for lunch and the patio was perfect for one of our signature life discussions.  You know, where you sit around a table and everyone gets their iPhone out and doesn’t talk to each other?  You’d think we were antisocial but in those moments of silence, 72 point words are played, angry birds are slung at pigs, facebook statuses are updated and grocery lists are made.  Even though the main purpose of lunch is to get outta Dodge, we’re still hungry so we do indeed look forward to the food.  Bring on the white queso:

Queso Blanco. Healthy because it has tomatoes on top.

As a Texan, chips and salsa is as essential to my body as oxygen.

Chuy's salsa wannabe

My first bite of the queso was nothing memorable.  But after dipping my 12th chip I was like, “oh damn.”  Each additional bite added Flava Flav.  The salsa was good, definitely used fresh ingredients.  It was just nothing out of the ordinary, though.  It was watery like Chuy’s salsa with chunks of fresh tomatoes, onion and cilantro.  Could have had two bowls without a glass of water.  For the main entree I went with the grilled fish tacos.  SHOW THEM:

These were fantastic.  The fish was seasoned nicely and had fresh slaw on top.  The rice had grilled corn mixed in and was a pile of buttery goodness.  As sacrilegious as this might sound, I wish some restaurants would offer other options besides beans and rice.  It’s just so 1990 now.  My friend asked for and received a side salad with her chicken tacos and she was very pleased with her substitution.

Salad substituted for beans and rice. You gonna getcho money's worth.

I know it’s easy to make a huge batch of rice and beans in the morning and serve it all day but how much harder would it be to grill up some corn or offer a mango jalapeno slaw?  We need healthy options!  So we can go back to the office and order Tiff’s Treats!  Here are the brisket tacos that were raved about:

Brisket rhymes with Triscuit.

And Slow Moh tagged along to conquer some dessert:

Sopa People

The best part of Hacienda on Henderson is not the food, however.  It is the kickin patio:

We will most def go back to HOH for the patio alone.  The food did not blow me away but it was better than I expected.  I wish Hacienda had a signature dish or something that would make them stand out.  As it is, they are just another Mexican restaurant in Dallas.  Unless you count infused tequila as a competitive advantage.  Remember oxygen bars?  Yeah. Neither do I.

Hi Laura Bush!

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Ice April 19, 2010 at 11:30 am

Shout out to LB! As long as your expectations are low enough, so-so food is upgraded to purdy darn good! The patio was nice and the service was nice and the food was nice.


Huzaifa April 20, 2010 at 9:54 am

Why does it have to be white queso? RACIST! JUST KIDDING! YOU ARE AWESOME


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