Tillman’s Roadhouse – Gonna Cost You Some Scrilla

by sara on April 19, 2010

Tillman’s Roadhouse
324 West 7th Street
Dallas, TX 75208-4639

I’ve really wanted to try Bolsa so we tried to sneak in last weekend on Saturday night.  Dumber than a brick.  Hour and a half wait at 8:45pm.  It might have been a good thing because we were the only people not wearing a beret, sweater vest or yellow headband.  Note for return visit: dress like you just won hippie prom queen.  Since we were starving and didn’t want to wait, we high tailed it over to Tillman’s Roadhouse where they surprisingly got us right in.  We were offered the prime window seat on the patio but had to kindly ask the table next to us to get up so we could squeeze in.

They made a couple jokes about us owing them drinks and how we were going to be a problem and blah blah blah so we sat down and immediately started talking about Stranger Danger.  Not a minute passed before a dude that I swear was Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite popped up at the window next to us and asked if we could spare some change.  We got really nervous and struggled for words.  To our relief, Pedro was our waiter and said he was just kidding.  Bishop Arts District is full of jokesters!  LOL!  He was really nice even though we couldn’t understand him half the time.  He brought us peanuts and seasoned popcorn to start (free!  but not really once you see your bill).

The peeps we were with got a couple drinks to start.  $11 drinks mind you.  I have a question.  When did drinks hit double digits?  In my opinion, that’s a no.  THANKS RICK PERRY.

I was told the drinks were good but were definitely not worth their pricetag.  One was called Sassy Sara though so I’ll give them props for knowing a classy name when they see one.  Our main entrees were phenomenal.  I had the Airline Chicken with bacon collard greens and some sort of cornbread stuffing.  The chicken was some of the best I’ve ever had and the sides were delicious.  Sorry for the fuzzy pic:

The hickory smoked ribs with white cheddar mac and cheese was also off the hizzie:

Before we even get to the negatives about Tillman’s I’m going to tell you that it ain’t cheap.  Take a look at their online menu and you can decipher for yourself.  However, I highly recommend it for a date night or a place to take clients on the ol’ expense account.  Expense accounts = the reason for America’s trillion dollar debt.  You’re welcome!

Everyone who has been to Tillman’s raves about their homemade s’mores.  Naturally, we saved room in our dessert compartments to order some.  We order up and Pedro says, “Sorry they weren’t up to standards today.”  We assumed he was joking around with us again so we politely laughed and said “No, seriously bring us the F’ing s’mores.”  Pedro maintained gameface and said, “I’m sorry.  There was something with the marshmallows and they weren’t up to standards so we are not serving them tonight.”  What.  The.  Frock.  I’m not gonna lie, the s’mores are what made me want to try Tillman’s.  I didn’t really care about the chicken or ribs because I can get chicken at Mama’s Chicken and Waffles and I can get ribs at McDonalds (or did they take those away?  I was lying anyways, I really don’t eat much meat anymore).  So Pedro offered another “signature dessert” in the form of fresh baked cookies with ice cream and chocolate drizzle.  We were already dessert minded so we went along with it (Vote For Pedro).  Beeeg mistake.

Diabeeeetus on a plate

Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.  I think this dessert came from a Paula Deen cookbook and sugar was used instead of butter.  It was SO rich and SO sugary that we were sick the rest of the weekend after sharing it.  Though the end of the meal was unpleasant, Pedro was great and the main course was delicious.   I just wish I had shared that dessert with 23 other people.

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Ice April 19, 2010 at 11:31 am

$11 for ONE drink? You know you can get 2 cases of Natty Light for that price. The food pics are nice but I’m more interested in those bling bling rims – how can I ride on those dubs?


Huzaifa April 20, 2010 at 9:52 am

I don’t want no diabetes, OHHHKKKKKKKKK!!!!


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