Awesome Came to Town. And It Goes By “Torchy’s.”

by sara on June 25, 2010

Like the gates of heaven

  Torchy’s Tacos
5921 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

IT’S HERE!  Ho-lee Taco of the Month am I excited.  Not only has Torchy’s Damn Good Tacos come to Dallas, it is just as good as Austin.  For all you rookies out there, these are not your grandmother’s tacos.  Unless your grandmother has a garden of habaneros, swims with sharks and lives in a trailer.   

I'm so busy om nom noming I don't see you taking my picture.

 Torchy’s decor is typical of what you would find in an Austin eatery. A wall made out of metal people? Yes, duh. And I heard a rumor they are giving Torchy’s a romantic upgrade by adding a few chandeliers in the coming days. Nothing like a Carribbean jerk chicken taco under the dim light of a chandelier to show someone you love them. Torchy’s took over the space formerly occupied by Fish Express across from Paciugo. They kept the open order counter/drink service look and gave the Little Mermaid paint job a Gothic makeover.  It feels very homey in a Homie the Clown kind of way.  

Hi. I'd like one of each and whatever he's having.

 The management running the new Dallas Torchy’s is spot on.  Everyone from the owner to the bus boy asked us if everything was okay and it felt truly genuine.  This is a place where you want to hang out and make taco friends.  A taco gang, if you will.  But instead of fighting with the gelato gang across the street, we can be cool friends and share recipes. 

Workin on my Kim Kardashian bootay.

 The queso is exquisite.  It has a unique green chili flavor and is best paired with a 2010 carbonated Diet Coke and a splash of Root Beer.  Follow this queso with two of the greatest tacos en el mundo.  I won’t tell you which two because that’s for you to decide.  Hippie.    

Even the cups are badass!

The Democrat and the Trailer Park. Try them you trashy left winger.

Damn BP and the Brushfire. Fed these tacos every hour, I think I could single handedly stop the oil spill in the Gulf.

Soda fountain! It's no slurpee machine but they have 3 flavors with real cane sugar! That's like drinking pixie sticks!

Pixie stick flavors: Root beer, Black cherry, Creme soda. What better to wash down mango habanero salsa with?

So, Dallas Foodgarbl fans, when you can go to Torchy’s for $3-$5 gourmet tacos, there really is no more excuse to stay at your sh*tty job because you “can’t afford to leave.”  You can afford it.  Because Torchy’s wants you to be happy.  So quit today, go get some cheap tacos, say “you’re welcome” to your tastebuds, then move to Austin where it all began and start wearing a thong.

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Serene June 25, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Amazing review! Will have to try it out soon! See you soon, Torchy’s!


Future Torchy's Lover June 25, 2010 at 2:38 pm

I gotta admit I’m really excited. I have to pick up my aunt’s man from the airport Saturday (don’t ask) so I might swing by this place after I drop him off. Swing by. I love homie the clown – homie don’t play dat. What happened to the Wayans brothers anyway? Awesome review, can’t wait to try Torchy’s!


HuzyQ June 25, 2010 at 2:39 pm

I’m fasting right now so gimme 5 hours so I can quit my job and get my ass to Torchy’s


jason June 25, 2010 at 5:11 pm

I have seen heaven and they serve tacos.


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