BYOVino at Fino’s. My first Mafiagarbl.

by sara on July 20, 2010

Everybody’s got ’em – your neighborhood Italian restaurant run by a family transplanted from New York.  Ours is called Fino’s.  Fino’s is the type of place where I expect the fat Italian chef to come out of the kitchen and kiss me on both cheeks and ask if my grandmother found her pants and why I haven’t been by in so long.  It’s the type of place where if I don’t see something on the menu or I’m feeling a little cwazy I can say “Hey Angelo, how bout you whip me up some pasta and veggies eh?!”  To which Angelo replies, “Anything for you!  Que Sara Sara!”  And he kisses me on both cheeks again.  Sure, it’s awkward but he’s Italian so it’s okay.

My experience at Fino’s went nothing like this.  We walk up to the door and there are a few couples enjoying their dinner on the makeshift patio.  One couple even had their adorable black Labrador with them.  It’s 110 degrees out and it’s an Italian restaurant but okay, I like dogs toos.  Jason glanced at the specials written on a stand when we walked in but he said they “didn’t look like English” so he got scared and kept walking.  I know, words are scary.

No one seated us or even made an attempt to acknowledge our presence so we sat ourselves at an open table.  We sat there for about five minutes before someone brought us menus and asked for our drink order.  About 15 minutes later a waitress came to take our order.  I wasn’t 100% sold on anything from the menu so I asked what the specials were to make sure I wasn’t missing something.  She said, “oh shoot, um, hang on,” then walked away.  We never talked to her again.  About 8 minutes later a waiter came by and said, “you want to know about the specials?”  He rattled off some Italian jibberish none of which I could repeat again so I went with the lobster ravioli.  Jason ordered the fettuccine con pollo and we asked if we could split a salad.

The salad was $4.99 and was supposed to include pears, gorgonzola cheese and pine nuts drizzled in a balsamic glaze.  There were no pine nuts.  We paid for pine nuts!  The lobster ravioli was pretty good.  Then again, so are most things that are drenched in butter sauce.  Jason liked his chicken fettuccine which also happened to be drenched in butter sauce.  The reviews for this place on Yelp raved about their baked rolls.  I’m here to tell you they are nothing to rave about.  Bring it Yelpers!  Foodgarbl vs. Yelp LET’S DO THIS.

Most people brought their own wine to dinner which for some reason is a perk.  The perk was that we got to listen to the drunk couple next to us rant about their kid not being respected by his coach on his select soccer team.  Do you know what they pay for Timmy to play on that team?  He deserves more respect.  They’re changing teams and there’s nothing Coach Rob can do about it.

If you have two hours to kick around for dinner and you want spotty service and you’re okay with Uncle Angelo hiding in the kitchen, give Fino’s a try.  Otherwise, there’s a Sbarro at the mall and it’s a lot faster.

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Ice July 21, 2010 at 12:51 pm

So Uncle Vinny never came out and said “who you lookin at wise guy?” Dammit! BTW, if something on Yelp has an average rating of 3 stars, don’t go. Usually means it’s not very good. Especially if there aren’t too many reviews on it cuz every Bozo with a laptop can write about how what a fabulous meal they had at On the Border. But guess what, ‘I heard’ about this great place the other day and we should check it out.


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