Family Memories of Lelle Good Food

by sara on July 16, 2010

We used to go to a Thai restaurant off of Northwest Highway when I was a kid.  The owner loved us and would cook anything we wanted.  We loved her back.  The only problem was that her English wasn’t all that great and one of her favorites things to say when she didn’t understand was “lelle?” (“really?”)  So my dad asked her one day who was gonna win the World Series and she said “Lelle?” and my dad replied, “No they won last year.”  It is fond memories such as this one that makes me truly appreciate finding restaurant gems.

International Bakery Cuban Dulceria may not quite fit the role of a gem but it is definitely worth a trip.

They call me Ninja for my catlike photo skills.

IBCD is owned by two very sweet sisters who took the time to explain every menu item to us.  Go there for their Cuban sandwiches:

Roasted pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickle and awesome juice on store made egg bread.

Go there for the plantain chips:

Like Fritos only more like bananas really.

Ooops I ardy ated it.

Go there for their crazy a$$ collection of sodas:

No aspartame in Cuba!

I seriously got stronger with Iron Beer. Don't mess with me.

Go there for their free red, white and blue lunch pails with $20 purchase the week of July 4th:

You can put your snackiepoos in there!

Go there for their extensive collection of Cuban art:

Those didn't come from Microsoft Paint

Go there for their pastries:

upscale Ding Dongs


Go there for the hot guys hanging out eating plantain chips:

Wow your shirt looks so crisp who does your laundry?

But most of all, go there for the memories you will make.  Where else in Dallas can you kick back and down a delicious Cuban sandwich, incredible plantain chips and a throwback Iron Beer for under $8?  You’re welcome.

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Ice July 16, 2010 at 4:03 pm

Those Cuban sammiches look good!! Too bad sammiches aren’t my friend lately =(


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