Putting the Asian in Caucasian

by sara on July 16, 2010

Some weekends you crave Asian food and you’ll ride 4 laps around White Rock just to get it.  That’s precisely what we did last weekend.  Saturday we had a hankering for some Korean Seoul food so we went with my dad to Seoul Garden off of Royal/Stemmons.

Garden of Eatin. AEO!

J Man's first Korean experience! He is super excite.

I’m really embarrassed to say that I ordered the salmon teriyaki.  I panicked and in a moment of weakness I picked the first thing that I could pronounce.  Mega fail.  It would be like going to Mi Cocina and getting a burger.  Luckily, we started off with some yeehaw appetizers:

There was nothing sticky about these pots.

Korean pizza. Could have/should have eaten 12 of these. SO GOOD.

Jason ordered the bulgogi (Korean BBQ beef) and it was ferkin amazing:

Rocky and Bulgogi

My dad ordered squid surprise which was equally as baller:

Korean spaghetti and meatballs

All meals come with Korean sides Luby’s style.  Tofu and kimchi were the only things I recognized:

Yum! What is it?

Yum! What is it?

Hey tofu, I know you!

All together now!

The waitress was awesome and the food was awesome and I highly recommend it for Korean food rookies/fans.

On Sunday we wanted to hit up White Rock for a 40 miler.  However, we knew we couldn’t do it without a bahn mi thit for energy.  So we booked it over to Lee’s Sandwiches in Garland.  One of the best decisions of our lives.  Since we had the custom blinged out bikes with us, we had to go through the drive-thru.

Approaching the sandwich kingdom

omg the anticipation

one of each! no wait #4 and #8 and a smoothie. or one of each!

They have all kinds of sandwiches (check their menu) and all looked tempting but we opted to try the #8 shredded pork, #14 pork roll with pate and #18 cured pork with pate.  The sandwiches are only $2.99!!  And check out these beauties:

Cured pork stocked full of fresh veg. OMNOM.

Pork roll with fresh cilantro, jalapenos, carrots, etc.

Washed down with an iced coffee and a honey chrysanthemum iced tea:

Iced coffee nicely paired with pork roll.

Needed more chrysanthemum flava but refreshing nonetheless.

They threw in a free loaf of French bread too!  Probably because it was a day old but still!

I like things that are free.

And they label their sandwiches!

No, that's Susie's. She had the cha lua pate.

And they have rides out front!

I'm almost 30!

Three sandwiches and two specialty drinks for $14.52.  Not too shabby in my book.  We’ll definitely be back and next time we might have a french bread fencing lesson in the parking lot.

To the lake!  It was windier than Keanu Reeves in a wind storm on Sunday so the ride was more difficult than planned.  However, I did get some free advice!

Seriously, I didn't have to pay a dime.

For the past 15 years two gentlemen dish out free advice to anyone who wants it every Sunday.  We made a stop on our bikes to take advantage of this surprising service and the guy told me to get a life.  I said you ugly anyway.  Totally joking!  They were extremely nice guys and we talked about morals, movies and my career path.  Two police officers and another young rider joined us in our nearly 20 minute discussion.  Roderick, the main advice giver, even loaned us a movie – Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.  I know what you’re thinking – random dudes giving out free advice, bottled water and DVD’s?  Awkward!  But these guys will listen to anything you have to say and ask you questions in return until you come up with your own conclusion.  They were tricky like that.  So next week I’m opening up a restaurant in a silo!  Free advice = genius.

We managed to squeak out 4.5 laps around the lake for a total of 42 miles.  We also drank nearly 3 gallons of water but kind of forgot to replenish our calorie stock so we cramped up real bad like.  Luckily we packed some pb&j sammies which took care of the problem.  Our 65 mile ride is coming up in a few weeks so we’re trying to get our mileage up and learn when to snack and how much to snack to keep our bodies happy.  I hope they have Vietnamese sandwiches at the rest stops in Wimberley!

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Ice July 16, 2010 at 4:07 pm

Yay I can help! Sliced marinated radish, marinated spinach, kak-du-ki (forreals yo), sliced fish cake, and seaweed mix. I’m Korean! More like Faux-rean! Those bahn mi thit’s look damn tasty! Drooling & slobbering. Can’t wait to check it out.


Janice January 7, 2011 at 1:38 pm

I just re-read this. Dude, you ordered salmon teriyaki at the Korean restaurant? Now I’m craving Lee’s sammiches. I cannot believe you nutsos rode 42 miles on a FREAKIN BIKE. I don’t even drive that far to come to work! Ya’ll CRAZY! No wonder you can eat whatever you want.


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