Some People Go to Bars for Halloween, I Head Straight to Assisted Living

by sara on November 11, 2010

The Assisted Living home where my grandmother now lives threw a little Halloween party I like to call MONSTER BASH 2010.  I headed straight there after work so I didn’t have a chance to dress up in my costume (I was going to be a “pants gang” member) but I still had a blast.  I walked in to find my grandmother like this:

Masked superheroes get the flu too:

My mom and dad showed up to party and we were able to capture 3 generations of babes in one shot:

Even Uncle Hugh (Mr. Mungus) had a good time!

In addition to the adorable mask, my grandmother was decked out in an orange top and black pants.  She always knows how to wow a crowd.

My dad and the Mardi Gras Queen.  Show us your beads!  No, your BEADS.

May I have this dance?  Why, yes, of course!

Like father like daughter.  You’d think we could have taken our masks off for one picture.  Psych!  We’re not wearing masks!  Get it?!?!

I had to wrestle this away so I could play toos:

Like Chucky, but friendlier.

Two words: GHOST DARTS

Some of the resident’s grandkids showed up for a costume contest and games and seemed to have a blast.  They even got to take the balloons with them when they left.  Not sure who’s the winner here.  One superhero is still standing but only has one balloon.  The other superhero seems to need Life Alert but has the most balloons.

Live entertainment was provided by Dakota Fanning on piano.

The best part of the party was when the Dallas Fire Department showed up.  Not because someone tried to cook popcorn for 45 minutes in the microwave.  They came on their own time to show off the firetruck to the kids.  Also, one of the firefighters was pretty fly for a white guy so I tried to set him up with my grandmother.

She offered him a bite of her chocolate chip cookie and I thought, “This is it!  The blossoming of a romance!”  But he said, “No thank you ma’am.”  Yeah, he called her “ma’am.”  Oh well I tried.

After the firefighters left, I made the rounds to visit with some of my favorite residents.  I like to sneak them chocolates, caffeinated beverages and Mensa puzzles.

This is Millie.  She is adorable.  That is a hairpiece.  Can you believe it?  It’s okay she’s really proud of it.  She has 2 wigs that she alternates and they are so real it is ridiculous.  When I turn 40 I’m switching to wigs.  Fair warning.

This is Ann.  She is the Mother Hen of the home and she tells me stories about NASA and landing on the moon.  She likes to dance and she is awesome.

This is my favorite resident, Fletch.  He dressed up as an investment banker witch.  He and my grandmother have a cute, old people flirty relationship.  I might have introduced them but I don’t want to take all the credit, there was some sparkling grape juice involved.

Below is Fletch from the first porch date I set up.  Is he not the most adorable thing?  His sense of humor is ridonk.  Got me crackin up laughin.  My uncle asked him if he’s lived in Dallas all his life.  He replied, “Not yet.”

This is what happens when you let them watch Benny Hinn.

Sssshhhhhh.  Don’t tell nobody.

If you have the time, hang out with old people.  They have great stories and they’ll make you laugh and they are like puppies – they don’t judge you.  Unless you have face piercings.

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Janice November 11, 2010 at 11:54 am

This is so sweet! *tear* All these sentimental posts are making me weepy and sweaty at the same time. Old people rule!


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