Surprise Date Night – ICE Display!

by sara on December 7, 2010

I have two pretty big dilemmas when it comes to living in Dallas.  One, I don’t like drinking.  Two, I don’t have kids.  It’s really hard to find things to do if you’re a non-drinking childless couple in Dallas.  Therefore, we have to be pretty creative (like getting engaged).  After Jason’s proposal, it’s been pretty hard to top Surprise Date Night.  Saturday afternoon, I tried to do just that by taking him to the ICE Display at the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine.  A) I want my money back B) I made a Snooki and Situation snowman last year ON MY OWN that could trump any Charlie Brown character they had on display

C) They purposefully freeze your ass off so you have to buy hot chocolate (last time I checked, freezing was 32 degrees yet they keep it at 10 degrees) D) Next time I need to surprise Jason I’m just going to wait until he’s coming around the corner and grab his legs and start biting his ankles.  That’ll surprise him!

After a 15 minute wait to park, here is the view of the Gaylord Resort from the parking garage (free parking with ICE ticket purchase!).

The walk from the parking garage to the ICE exhibit takes about 15 minutes but you get to take cool pictures along the way of tinsel and junk.

Once we got to the ICE exhibit, we waited in line for about 20 minutes to buy tickets.  When we left the resort, we realized we could have bought tickets at the front desk when we walked in.  That information WOULD HAVE BEEN USEFUL YESTERDAY.  After you buy your tickets, you are allowed to go into another room where you wait in another line.  This time we waited about another 25 minutes.  But look at the cool light up balls!

Once you finally get through to the waiting room (no, you’re not in the ICE exhibit yet), you are told to sit in a large room where your group (groups are made by time slots) watches an 8 minute video about how the ice sculptures are made.  Do I get CPE credits for this?  Fact: the kid giving the presentation made everyone sing Ice Ice Baby.  Fact: They flew in a team of experts from China to carve the ice sculptures.  Once again, Americans can’t do anything for themselves.

Don’t we have a water shortage?  Where’d this ice come from anyway?

It’s the Dreamboat Wreath.

Jeez Snoopy, have you been working out?  Yes, for the record, that is the back of Snoopy.  You people are sick.

Jason went down the slide!  He didn’t want to but I threw a tantrum and started yelling about having already paid $25 per ticket and YOU WILL GO DOWN THAT SLIDE WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.  The best quality of our relationship is our communication.

Good to see Charlie Brown doesn’t discriminate.  Although I didn’t see any Chinese friends 🙁  I bet that made the sculptors mad.

The end.  Since I was taking pictures through the whole exhibit, my hands were litrolly frozen at this point.  Couldn’t feel my fingers.

Oh wait, bonus exhibit!  Ice igloo!

I like ice caves toos!

At least our engagement photos are done.

I’ve seen a lot of nativity scenes but I have to admit this one was pretty cool.

More engagement photos.

RIPOFF $3 hot chocolate.  Lukewarm mind you.  And Luke isn’t even my fatha.

THEN…when you leave you just so happen to exit through the gift shop.  Oh, you silly marketing experts.  Didn’t buy anything.  Can I get a booyeah?

Yes we will be sending Christmas cards out and yes this will probably be the cover.

Oh hai.

The Gaylord recycles!  Going green!  iPads for all!

You’re telling me if you saw this guy across the room, you wouldn’t slip him your number on the way out?

From refined in front of the fireplace…to digging for gold in the trash.

A Christmas tree of balls.  Martha Stewart’s been here.

Too much ICE exhibit for young Jason.

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ICE December 7, 2010 at 10:59 am

It’s ICE herself giving a shout out on your ICE themed garbl!!!!! Thanks for taking pics, it’s like I saved myself $25! Except the one of Snoopy’s wee-wee. Children might be reading this you know! Yay Charlie Brown! Boo for non-Asian ice sculpture friends >(


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