Whiskey Cake Review. Minus the Whiskey and Cake.

by sara on December 21, 2010

I’ve had jazz hands up all day since finding out Whiskey Cake was finally open!  They’ve been renovating the old Plano Tavern for the last few months and we were super excited to try the replacement.  Whiskey Cake claims to serve up farm-to-kitchen dishes from scratch.  They even wrote the names of the farms where they got their chickens and tomatoes on a chalkboard for all to see.  They share a parking lot with Kroger and it would make a lot of sense to run right next door to grab the tomatoes but I can assure you the plump, juicy tomaters they piled on my sandwich were no Kroger special.

The menu was delivered to us on paper which I hope means it will change frequently to incorporate seasonal ingredients.  The food choices are not abundant but do offer a variety.  They even have a vegetarian option (veggie stack sandwich).  They have an extensive drink menu too.  And naturally, they have a dessert menu featuring whiskey cake.  We were too full this go around to order dessert but next time I might start with cake (Eat more in 2004!).

There were interesting decorating touches everywhere such as these electrical conduit fasteners (I made that up) that posed as napkin rings.

They want you to get to know your neighbors here.  Much of the seating is communal but they also offer anti-social options such as nice private tables.

Check out the cardboard coasters imprinted with Whiskey Cake!  Remember this for wedding favors.

Jason likes it!

To the windows…to the walls!  To the food…we started with the hummus appetizer.  Served with parmesan lavash crisps, the hummus was delicious and coincidentally nutritious.  Even though I want to bathe in queso at some point in my life, it was nice to see a healthy alternative as an appetizer.

It might have taken us a few minutes to decide if EIEIO was French, Italian or Latin and then what it meant.  Only after repeating EIEIO four times in a row did we recognize that we were singing a song.  Get it?  And on this farm we had a goat…

I was fascinated by the lighting fixtures.  I’m like one of those babies that sits in the carseat and stares at everything and giggles.  Only I’m 29.

This right here is the hot chicken and cheese melt.  Roasted chicken, pesto mayo, avocado, peppered bacon, tomato, bibb lettuce and dill havarti served with a side of kettle chips.  It was very filling but quite tasty.  They’re not joking about fresh ingredients.  I half expected an ant to crawl across the lettuce it was so crisp.  I’m not a tomato fan but it was so plump and juicy I almost wanted to throw in the towel and jump on the tomato bandwagon.  Almost.

My adorable date ordered the pulled pork bahn mi.  They call it a bahn mi I think to be trendy but really it was a glorified pulled pork sandwich.  Wood smoked pulled pork, sweet & tangy veggies and W.C. BBQ sauce.  W.C.?  Water Closet?  Wang Chung?  Wanta Claus?  This was an American take on the classic Vietnamese bahn mi.  There was only a hint of sweet BBQ sauce and the fresh pickled veggies gave it a nice crisp.  It was a delicious sandwich, but I’ll still go to Lee’s for my bahn mi’s.

Today’s pie: apple bourbon cranberry.  Who knew hard liquor could be so fun!  The bar is very cool.  I’m not a drinker but I’ve hung around enough drinkers to know that they have a great selection including beer.  The bar is huge too, great for enjoying a meal while watching a game and socializing with a big group.

Why wouldn’t you have a sliding ladder?  That’s like a McDonald’s without a ball pit.

If Home Depot and Pottery Barn had a restaurant baby, this would probably be it.

Oh and Home Depot would have to be a descendant of Ben Franklin because they have some wicked lighting options.

Two huge sammies and an appetizer for $26 before tax.  Not too shabby.  For the record, I am on a kick to stop drinking Diet Coke.  Not only to save money on ordering drinks while eating out but also because I get terrible headaches if I don’t have the caffeine.  So far, I’ve only had 5 since quitting.  If they can make an electronic cigarette, then surely they can make a non-caffeinated sparkly delicious beverage right?  Oh they do?  It’s called Fresca?  Why thank you.

Each table has an upside down lightbulb stuffed with rosemary.  Cutesy but equally retarded.  We spilled ours and the waitress told us that she’s seen them shatter numerous times already.  Soon thereafter, a waiter knocked one over on the floor and it broke into tiny pieces.  Sometimes cute is not always practical (Uggs in summer).

They even have a patio overlooking the calm, relaxing tollroad.  The only thing better than driving on it?  Watching others drive on it.

We were definitely impressed with the Whiskey Cake restaurant.  Even though I found out the owner is also behind Twin Peaks, a chain of breastaurants.  I finally convinced Jason that all Hooter’s burned down and now I have to keep him away from Twin Peaks?

Interesting side story: a few co-workers and I met up with a few guys from one of our vendors at a place called Cutie Pie’s.  They wanted to talk about our upcoming project.  At Cutie Pie’s.  They didn’t sell pies.  You do the math.  Most awkward meeting ever.  The end.

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Ice December 21, 2010 at 3:23 pm

Great garbl! Equally hilarious and informative. Looks like a cool joint, and I’m glad you mentioned that it’s the same owners as Twin Peaks because I’ll never try it! JK I love boobs in my face while I’m eating chicken wings and having a beer! This place looks cool though. But I’d rather go to Seasons 52. Jump in the tomato pool, the water is fine! I use to hate tomatoes too when I was 12 years old.


Stacey Hawthorne December 22, 2010 at 10:12 pm

I’ve been driving by that place for months, can’t wait to stop in and check it out!


Meggie January 12, 2011 at 3:47 pm

Hi Sara,

Thanks for writing such a thoughtful account of your visit with us. We’ve been cracking up over your witty commentary! Hope to see you in again soon.



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