Back to Boise Oh Yeah! (Part Two)

by sara on January 7, 2011

We left McCall on Christmas night to head back to Boise.  Everyone was worn out after a day of snow shenanigans so we crashed.  But don’t think we weren’t up bright and early to tackle Eddie’s Restaurant in the morning!  Eddie’s is owned by Steve’s brothers and it is an institution in Boise.

This is the typical view in Boise and just so happens to be the view when you step out of Eddie’s.

Custom breakfast specials and custom snowflake art, just like I like it.

Two locations?  Bonus!

Old diner art made this place feel like home.  If home was an old diner.

The best part of Eddie’s is the creamer Jenga game.

Whoa those pancakes are huge!  I know.  I finished them.  My belly hurted.

This omelet looks almost pitiful sitting there by itself with a side garnish of forgotten parsley.  But I can assure you it was delicious.  Broccoli, bell pepper and cheese omelet, also known as the Veggie Omelet.

Jason couldn’t pass up the Country Special.  Movin to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches.  LOOK OUT!

Eddie’s makes everyone happy.

Then…as if the day couldn’t get any better…we got a private tour of Bronco Stadium, home of the Boise State Broncos.

It might be called Smurf Turf but they’re not playin around.

I’d be too distracted to kick a field goal here.  There’s blue and mountains and blue.

This is incredible.  How come every college campus doesn’t have snowy mountains in the distance?  Geography schmography.

I might have plucked a blue blade for my scrapbook.  Haha I don’t really scrapbook.

Family smurf turf pic.  Jason with his dad and sister.

Oh hey studly.

Oh sure he takes my picture looking into the sun.

Here are some kind Boise State donors.

On our last day in Boise, we got up at what felt like 4am to make sure we were able to get a table at Goldy’s before we went back to Dallas.  Goldy’s is a small bistro in downtown Boise only open for breakfast.  They are known for having the best breakfast in town including their killer cheesy potatoes.

Since they are known to have a wait for tables, they graciously provide free coffee to waiting patrons outside.

Cappuccino froth to start.

Nicole likes it!

I ordered scrambled eggs with smoked chicken/turkey apple sausage, sweet potato hash browns and cinnamon raisin walnut toast.  The eggs needed some serious kick (I think I’m just used to putting hot sauce on them) but the rest of this meal I need to recreate immediately.  Who would have thought to do sweet potato hash browns?  Genius!  They were delicious too.

Jason ordered up the chicken fried steak with the infamous cheesy potatoes and an english muffin.  He raved about it.

Nicole had the scrambled eggs and cheesy potatoes.  Jason and Nicole are both weak and lack discipline so I had to eat my meal and the rest of their potatoes.  No wonder I can’t lose the junk in my trunk.

I did not have a bite of this pancake but looking at this picture makes me want to go make pancakes right now and it’s 2am.

We headed to the airport after Goldy’s and made our way back to Dallas to rescue my parents from our crazy puppies.  When we got home my crazy two toned inbred pumpkin was still alive!  I was so happy!

We really did have a blast in Boise/McCall and we would love to go back and visit.  If you only think of potatoes when you think of Idaho, think again.

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Janice January 7, 2011 at 1:33 pm

It’s so purdy there. Boise > Denver. Mountains are so pretty but they always make me crave a Coors Light. So if I eat cheesy potatoes will it add junk to my trunk? Because I’d be interested in that. Only in the trunk though. I wonder if Snooki’s been to Boise.


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