Boys and Their Cars. Girls and Their Grocery Lists.

by sara on January 16, 2011

Hey Foodgarblers!  Wanna know what I did today?  OKAY!  We woke up at the crack of noon (What?  You don’t stay up til 4am watching the Gem Shopping Network?) and we were starving so we leashed up the hounds and went for a 2 mile walk to Einstein’s for a bagel.  I had the Santa Fe breakfast sandwich on a 7 grain bagel.  Or was it 9 grain?  THE NUMBER OF GRAINS IS SO IMPORTANT!  It was delicious.  Also went next door for a soy chai latte.

We felt bad for eating in front of the dogs so we took them to a new dog bakery a few doors down called Three Dog Bakery.  If you have a dog and you live near Plano, take your dog here.  The people are so incredibly nice and they gave Enzo and Riley a sample treat which they glommed in about two nanoseconds.  I looked in their specialty treat counter and they make huge bone cookies with custom icing for dog parties.  Yes, I said dog parties.  Something Jason made me swear I would never have.  At the time, I may have pressed the liar button.

After our four mile walk we separated to do his and her things.  Jason worked on Opra (nickname for his Acura NSX) and I went grocery shopping for dinner.

I walked into the garage, saw the front bumper off and asked him what in the Sam Blazes he was doing.  He said he put on a Stmpo front chassis bar to increase safety in a front end collision.  That was comforting.  Then he softly added, “It also helps take a sweeping corner at 90+ mph.”  So that’s reassuring.

While he continued to work on “safety issues” I got started on dinner.  Dinner post to follow…(get excited if you like tuna)

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Janice January 17, 2011 at 10:09 am

You guys are so cute! I love gender specific activities FTW!


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