by sara on January 5, 2011

As I type this, my parents are out celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary.  Okay who am I joking, they’re not still out.  They’re probably curled up in matching reindeer pajamas doing crosswords together.  It’s adorable really.  I love ’em to pieces.  They are a great example of how you can agree to disagree.  You see, if my dad disagrees, he is to leave the house and not come back until he agrees.  Simple physics.  Sadly, Jason’s parents divorced when he was a young whipper snapper so when Christmastime rolls around we celebrate it twice in different locations.


We celebrated early Christmas in Edmond, OK and then a SECOND Christmas in Boise, ID.  Jason’s parents are fantastic and I hate that any relationship had to split but…um…TWO CHRISTMAS’S?!?!  In case you’re bad at math, that’s double the gifts, kids.  I’m a terrible person, I realize that.

Jason’s mom cooked us a wonderful dinner on our first night.  Broccoli rice casserole, yams, ham, croissants and apple crisp.

You’ll notice half of this apple crisp has pecans.  That’s because Jason likes to be difficult by not liking pecans.  I don’t like mushrooms but you don’t see me spitting them out.  That’s a lie.  I always make a huge production of spitting out mushrooms.  Point taken.

I know you think I stole this photo from Leave it to Beaver’s fanpage but I didn’t.  This is a real family dinner moment in the heart of Oklahoma.  I’ll give you one dollar if you can find a more adorable family dinner picture.

After dinner we OPENED PRESENTS!!

Jason’s mom (Frances) is adorable.  So are presents.

As you can tell, I can barely contain my excitement.  Meanwhile Enzo is passed out on my lap.  Vizslas don’t understand Christmas tardouts because they get dog toys like every week.  They’re like, “What’s the big deal?  Open it, rip out the squeaker, spit the fuzz all over the carpet, then take a nap.  No big whoop.”

Inside that shiny wrapping paper was a brand new set of sheets FYI.  I’m stackin thread count like I stack Benjamins.  **Mom, if you’re reading, what I meant there was that the sheets have a large thread count and I’m very excited because that means they are high quality.**

One of the gifts we were most anticipating were the 2010 editions of teacher magnets.  Last year, Frances got us both teacher portrait magnets and I can’t tell you how handy these came.  The company that takes her school’s yearbook photos gives the teachers free pictures including magnets.  You know what that means?  Jason has to hang my drawings on the fridge!!

Enzaza Gabor and Riley dressed for the occasion.  Frances even got them puppy stockings.  They were overjoyed and asked if we could move to Edmond.

He loves me!  He really really loves me!  And I’m sweepy.

This is Annie.  She is the sweetest Shitzu-Pit  mix I have ever played with.

We scored big with gifts this year.  Frances got us a Blu-Ray player and we’re now set up on Netflix and everyone is a winner!  Speaking of winners, after dinner it was FARKLE TIME.  I don’t jack around with dice games.  Years of street life has made me quite the playa.

Oh I’m sorry did I dominate family game night?  THAT JUST HAPPENED.

The next day I wanted to see the bustling town of Edmond so we went for a walk downtown.  A five mile walk mind you.

This gentleman drives the horse drawn carriage through town.  He’s about to get black and whited.

Toll you.

On our way back to the house the puppies stopped clear in their tracks (they’re curb trained, but still) and sent out an alert.

It could only mean one thing.  The paparazzi.  Jason and his mom were just trying to have a nice pleasant walk through town.


Jason decided to take matters into his own hands while Frances ran like hell to go shave her head and grab a baseball bat, Britney style.


After that whole ordeal, the dogs stayed on alert.  Well, except for Annie.  Enzo and Riley were blocking her view anyway.

So much excitement for a small town in Oklahoma!  Early Christmas in Edmond was a ton of fun and I am so thankful that Jason’s mom is so nice and inviting.  Cross monster-in-law off the list.  More like EpiclyAwesome-in-law.

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Janice January 6, 2011 at 11:01 am

THIS IS AMAZING! Can Jason’s mom adopt me? Your pictures made Edmond look fadorable. Although I’d probably be the help, I don’t mind! Nice papparazzo pics, I felt JUST like I was there! Hey Miley, pass the bong! Just kidding, she’s a great role model. Nice garbl, wish they occurred more often but I’m not complaining. Actually I am complaining, what else are you doing anyway!?!? Oreo says hayyyyy to Riley & Enzo. He wishes he could speak like them =(


MOM in DALLAS January 6, 2011 at 1:20 pm

OK, Readers……….my daughter is such a fibber………..Jeff/Daddy finished the Crossword before I even got home yesterday, and after eating a 14oz (YEAH, 14 oz!! Jealous??) Filet Mignon at Al Biernats (Kobe-Schmobe, Al’s got the beef “happenin’ “) I never even made it into my reindeer PJ’s….it was all I could do to get my pantyhose off and slide into a Tshirt.
With regard to the “agree to disagree” comment – she is DEAD-ON. That’s the way we roll in our house, cause, “If Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t NObody happy!!”. and “Happy WIFE, Happy LIFE”. Someone make sure Jason reads this before I pay for a wedding in Hawaii, OK? Jason, are you listening? My daughter is the best daughter I have, and as she has told me on so many occasions, I am her favorite Mother. Some perople Wang Chung, I, personally prefer to Foodgarbl !! Best Wishes to everyone in 2011.
Sara’s Mom


Rhonda Norman January 7, 2011 at 9:40 am

Sara, the only thing that makes working with your Mom even more enjoyable, is sharing in her stories of her unbelievably witty offspring! Since my Mom lives in Okla. City, I especially enjoyed your Holiday Spectacular in Edmond! Although, I’m not sure you realize how lucky you really are, to escape that trip free of injury! Not being from Okla., you would have no way of knowing that OKIES take their game-playing very seriously!! The last time I beat my mother at Yahtzee, I had to drag my bum-leg into physical therapy for a month!! Your soon-to-be Mother-n-law must REALLY, REALLY like you!!
Seriously, though, you have an awesome way with words and photography is definitely your friend!! Thanks for sharing!


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