McCall, Idaho – The Cabin

by sara on January 7, 2011

Peoples, I want to offer you a bit of motivation.  If you’re stuck in a rut and can’t figure out why you drag your butt to work everyday, I want you to snap out of it.  Because you need to be able to enjoy places like this:

Look at the view!  It was incredible.  There were no sounds but that of nature and me blowing my nose (full on sick by this point).

Good ol’ boys from Idaho may not admit it but that there, kids, is the star of Texas.  And it just so happens to be ten til 5:30pm (inside joke)!

Day two of our visit to McCall resulted in me sleeping for basically the entire day.  However, when I did emerge from my cocoon, I snuggled up next to this fireplace and felt all warm and fuzzy.  It could have been a fever though.  LOL?

The cabin was adorably decorated.  Very cozy and very open.  I kind of want to design my house after that cabin.

No Christmas tree inside but we had plenty outside to celebrate with.  Big ones.  Tall ones.  Snowy ones.  Juicy Couture bag!  Is that for me?  PLEASE!  Fact: I was driving my work crew to lunch one day when I spotted a velour pantsuit in Uptown.  Obviously, I pulled over, rolled down the passenger window and asked “Where did you get your pantsuit?  I love it!” even though it had Juicy written across the butt in sparkle glitter.  She replied, “It’s Juicy.”  I said, “It’s darling.”  And that, my friends, is all I know about Juicy Couture.

This is Oliver.  If I knew my way out of a paper bag, I would have stolen him and taken him home with me.  He was adorable.

Check the size on the icicles.  Cwazy!

Since I was passed out with kleenex crammed up my nose, Jason decided to go out snowmobiling with everyone.

Vroom vroom.  After my skiing mishap, I don’t know that snowmobiling on the side of a mountain overlooking a lake would have been the best way to regain my confidence.  Everyone else had a blast though!

Here’s my fiance, Mr. Adventure!  Hey, that’s not a fake Spyder coat is it?  GOTEM!

The next day, Christmas Day, I felt a lot better.  I mean, it was gift time, of course I felt better.  Christmas Day festivities post to come…

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Janice January 7, 2011 at 1:19 pm

That cabin is freakin’ BAMF!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Can we go next year too?? Cool snowmobiles! Way to call Jason out on his fake Spyder gear. But that shit is like $900 for a jacket.


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