My Dad’s Thits

by sara on January 22, 2011

I was not your average kid.  I was eating pad thai before it was trendy.  I ate kimchi for breakfast.  I knew what sriracha sauce was before I knew what ketchup was.  My first word was “pho.”  Basically, I was raised Asian.

My dad introduced us to ethnic cuisine of all types and I’m so grateful that he did.  He is also a phenomenal cook and loves to recreate dishes at home with his own twist.  Recently, he has begun making his own thits.  Bahn mi thits, that is.  A bahn mi thit is a Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette with pork roll, pate, or tofu and a combination of cilantro, pickled vegetables and jalapeno.

Here’s what he used:
-pickled daikon
-red, yellow and orange bell pepper
-thai basil
-shredded carrot
-Thai hot chili mayonnaise
-sriracha sauce
-white onion

This mayonnaise can be found at Asian grocery stores or you could probably make your own by just mixing regular mayonnaise and sriracha sauce.

Pickled daikon rules!  Except it makes your fridge smell kinda stanky.  No wonder my dad let me take the rest of it home with me.

Below we have regular daikon.  It tastes like a mix between a radish and jicama.

Washing, drying and picking the thai basil, cilantro and mint off the stems was the most time consuming task of bahn mi prep.

So the prep work took a little long and the mayonnaise kind of congealed.  Disregard that in the photos.  It normally looks more ballin.

Smoosh it down like you’re working the t-shirt press on the Jersey Shore.

Try to get the freshest bread possible.  Sometimes day old French bread can crack a tooth.  We didn’t have a baguette so we went with wheat rolls.  Make multiple sandwiches at a time and let them sit in the fridge overnight to mash flavors.  The taste of everything combined is phenomenal.  Just looking at these makes miso hungry.  Try one!

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Janice January 24, 2011 at 4:01 pm

YAY THITS! These look phenomenal! How can you not love all those fresh veggies, I’m salivating thinking about them! Did you do anything to the tofu? I need to stop eating so much pig but it’s so dang good. Yummmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy!


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