Put On a Happy Face

by sara on January 29, 2011

Happy weekend Foodgarblers!  If you live in Texas, you’re prolly out enjoying this kicka$$ weather we’re having.  It’s January 29th and the high is in the mid 70’s today.  Aaaaaaw yeeeeaaahhhh booooyyyyy!!!  Jaygarbl and I are headed to the lake to knock out some mileage.  My plan is to run a half marathon today while Jason circles the lake on his bike.  He will be sporting a bike fanny pack with all the running/biking essentials (shot blocks, beano, jolly ranchers, chapstick, goldfish, duck tape, hairspray, twizzlers).  To get us started on the right foot (litrolly!) I made us a hilarious breakfast.

Seriously, I was crackin up laughin.  It doesn’t take much to amuse me on a Saturday morning.  Is it Saturday?  Being unemployed is weird.

Riley no.  Riley No.  Riley NO.  NO.  Okay but just one bite.

You think I have ADD?  Table full of food and Enzo is fixated on Pluto.  That’s my boy!

Party’s here!

Two more millimeters and my strawberry blueberry smiley face mouth was a goner.

After breakfast I tried to play fetch with Enzo.  He’s only four, I don’t expect him to grasp the concept yet.

Poor guy is worn out.

But not Riley Q Bears.  She’s ready to go clubbin.  Vizsla pimpin ain’t easy.

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Janice January 29, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Yay for bamf Saturday breakfasts! Holy shit you’re gonna run 13 miles today? I feel so unaccomplished. Thanks a lot, don’t judge me! G’luck with your run/ride!


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