Bag of Chito’s

by sara on February 28, 2011

I had a dream the other night that someone opened a restaurant attached to a gas station in East Plano and sold dollar tacos.  The restaurant looked like an old diner from the outside and the waitstaff was super friendly and I could either get tres leches cake for dessert or go next door to the convenience store and get a Twix bar.  I woke up from my dream and could still smell the cilantro and fresh onion.  You know on Pawn Stars how the pawn shop owner has a bunch of friends he calls to see if things are legit?  Like he has an autograph friend and an aviation museum friend and a pre-1950’s guitar friend?  Well I have a food dream friend and his name is YELP.  Sure enough, I checked with my friend YELP and mother of dollar tacos IT WASN’T A DREAM AT ALL!

My dear Garblers, Chito’s is the type of place you dream of.  It really is attached to a gas station on Legacy Dr. between Alma and 75.  It really sells dollar tacos.  And it really is good.

Is it not the most adorable place?  It’s like an old diner with futbol on the big screens.

In my dream, the menu looked different.  It had a flying three legged donkey screaming “Ole!” across the top.  But the real menu is cute too.

Realistically, I could have ordered water and three chicken tacos for $3 and been completely full because I could eat two baskets of their chips and salsa by myself.  Their salsa is damn good.  It’s fresh.  Like DJ Pauly D’s shoes right as the cabs are here fresh.

I ordered a diet coke but they only had diet pepsi on tap or diet coke in the bottle.  It was too big of a decision so I ordered a tall glass of Horchata instead ($3).  They sprinkle a dash of cinnamon on top for extra sweetness.  It was delicious no doubt but really sweet and was not the perfect pairing for my tacos.  Definitely should have gone with the carbonated beverage.

We ordered a side of guac ($2.25) to start and it was exactly that – a side of guac.  Not meant for dipping.  It’s an optical illusion because it is served atop a bed of lettuce.  In my dream, the guacamole was served like a chocolate fountain.

Look at the adorable napkin holder!  Their restaurant logo is a cactus man.  In my dream I married cactus man but every time we hugged it hurt so I had to dump him for jicama man 🙁

Only bad part of our meal – the shrimp cocktail.  There wasn’t an ounce of spice in this tall glass and it was way too runny.  A good shrimp cocktail should be thick, have tons of fresh shrimp, tons of avocado chunks, fresh cilantro and a good kick from jalapenos.  For $8.99 I was no impresso.

The dollar tacos were legit.  Taqueria El Paisano No 1 still holds a place in my heart for best dollar tacos in Dallas but Chito’s is now my No 2 spot.  We got two of each kind: chicken, el pastor (pork), beef and barbacoa (sometimes cow head!  yum!).  The chicken was my favorite.

They bring you a tomatillo salsa and a red salsa to add flavor to the tacos.  The tomatillo salsa was a wee bit bland but the tacos really don’t need any more flavor aside from the fresh lime juice, onion and cilantro.

Can someone wipe the drool off my mouf?

Do yourself a favor and squeeze the lime all over your tacos.  Then rub your eyes.

Despite the nightmare that was the shrimp cocktail, I am so glad my Chito’s food dream was a reality.  And I can’t wait to go to New York with Jicama man.

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Janice February 28, 2011 at 10:45 am

Dude these are my frickin thoughts exactly! We didn’t like the shrimp cocktail but the tacos are damn good for $1 TWSS! I need to go by here again. I yelped about this place! Whee! Wsup Jicama Man?!?


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