Birthday Party Intervention

by sara on February 18, 2011

Well, I made it to Chicago despite Riley’s last effort attempt to get me to stay by offering me her final rose.  Sorry Bears, it’s family reunion time.

We wasted no time driving into the burbs and getting set up in our hotel room.  On our way to the room we toured the fitness facility where my brother channeled Madonna.

From the hotel we drove over to my grandmother’s house to see the future birthday girl!!  I have been doing breathing exercises all day so I can help blow out 90 candles tomorrow on the birthday cake.  Speaking of cake, the beauty of going to my grandmother’s house is that she ALWAYS has treats like this already made and ready for om nomming.  This was only one option.  There were also rhubarb cheesecake squares and an assortment of cookies.  There is nothing like your grandparent’s home.

Another perk of casa de los abuelos is the porch swing.  I can’t tell you how many times I was on this as a kid.  I’m getting a little verklemp just thinking about all the times I sat out there with my grams and gramps watching the cars go by and listening to the conversations of passersby only to mock them once they were out of earshot.

While we reminisced on the porch swing, my uncles came back from setting up the party for tomorrow at my grandmother’s church.  They’re pretty swolled.  We might turn the birthday party into a steroid intervention.

My cousin Tara was fa-reaking out running all over the house like a wild banshee so we took her for a walk.  She behaved like a good cousin.  My mom is allergic to wind so we had to put her in her anti-weather cocoon blanket.  Also, my other cousin Julie is in 5th grade and has an iPhone and a Kate Spade purse.  She also recited the “hide ya kids hide ya wife” song to us.  My intervention powerpoint slides just got more complicated.

During the walk Tony practiced his parkour routine.  Tara is now mad jealous and wants to start climbing buildings.  We’re having a hot dog eating contest tomorrow but that is totally unrelated.

Dinner tonight came from a newly bankrupted local fav: Giordano’s!

They are known for stuffing their deep dish pizza.  Imagine a deep dish pizza baked into a deep dish pizza crust.  America and your pizza ways you so crazy.

I had two pieces and barely had enough room in my dessert compartment for chocolate chip ice cream.  I still like Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza better.  Giordano’s crust is too floury and the cheese was like string cheese on pizza.

Tomorrow is the big bash!  We’re getting up early to enjoy free breakfast buffet at our hotel followed by an intense family workout in the awesome fitness center and then we’re gonna get our party on.  Stay tuned for more shenanigans tomorrow!

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J February 19, 2011 at 4:07 pm

Wow real Chi-town deep dish pizza! It’s like watching the travel channel! Yay to your grams’ bday!


sara February 23, 2011 at 12:20 pm

we had deep dish twice! i’m on an all veggie diet now. me so hungry.


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