We Practically Had a Blizzard

by sara on February 15, 2011

I’ve been MIA for about a week now because I was trapped under like 20″ of snow.  Okay so it’s been nearly 80 the last few days but last week was cwazy again!  We actually didn’t get that much more snow but did you know water freezes on the roads to create ice and that causes dangerous driving conditions?  Most Texans didn’t know either which is why there are car sized holes in brick walls all over town.  Thanks insurance rates!  Jason’s co-worker totaled his car in their parking lot and that was all the info I needed to keep my warm toasty little buns at home.

To survive the wintry mix, I joined the oatmeal club.  Cross your fingers because I’m up for treasurer!

Even our grill was all snowed in and shiz.

We had major cabin fever so we took the mutts on a walk every few hours to break in our boots.

My number one Foodgarbl reader got me these Bearpaw boots from MACY’S (BALLOONS!) and I’m so grateful that she did.  Saved my little footsies from frostbite.

Despite the 5″ of snow, Enzo and Riley were still determined to catch a rabbit for dinner.  I told them I had ingredients for taco salad but they wanted something a little more gamey.  So we played Twister!

This, my friends, is called curb training.  Look at my good little boy stopping at the curb even though it’s covered with snow!  Now if I can just get him to make me pancakes, we’d be set.  Side story, my Dad told me that he sent Piper out to get the paper after the big snow day and she couldn’t find it so she went to get the neighbor’s.  Atta girl Pipe.

During one of our walks, we decided to stop by Lone Star Coffee Bar for lunch.  You can drive by this place and miss it a thousand times but if you’re lucky enough to stop in, they have awesome drinks and excellent sandwiches.  I went with the turkey sandwich and it was like a magical turkey sandwich prince rode in on a white horse and gave it a special aioli and slaw to take it to sandwich heaven.

Slap me silly with that melted cheese and I won’t even get mad.

After lunch, THE HITTLE!!!  E’rbody took advantage of the fire department closing the street due to dangerous driving conditions.  I didn’t see Mr. Hittle out there but it’s probably because he was busy signing autographs after doing a triple turnpike lutz down his namesake hill.

It wasn’t exactly Aspen out there but that didn’t stop this kid from trying to score a snowboarding contract with the National Awesome Snowboarding Association (NASA).

The crowd favorite, however, was this homeboy with the four wheeler who was towing peeps down the hill on sleds.

Can’t have a party without Snooks!  A few drunk chicks made this Snooki snow(wo)man and were all giggles when they saw me taking a picture of it.  Especially when I told them I was with Time Magazine.

I gotta hand it to this girl.  Slippery conditions everywhere and she wears boots with heels.  Not logical, but sometimes you gotta dress to impress.

Wait, a Ford that couldn’t handle the road and drove over a curb and got stuck?  That’s weird.  Never seen that in Texas.  Except daily.

Jason outn00bed me with his camera and I got mad and threw a snowball at him but he’s so hot that it melted before it got to him 🙁

We took the puppies back to their favorite field for some snow races and they were happy monsters!  Until we made them sit and their bobo’s froze.

I feel like I’m too old to appear on the cover of a Wheaties box but if I could I would want this to be my pose.

I mean that’s practically a one legged landing.  I’m no gymnast but I do enjoy playing under power lines.

Have you ever seen a cuter Derp face?

Playing in the snow wore me out so I took advantage of an empty pool and laid out for a few hours.

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janice February 15, 2011 at 4:46 pm

Damn I should’ve got you the real Uggs. Cheapass = Janice. Sorry I’m Asian. Nice snow pics! Me likey!


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