Where Were You During Snowicepocalypse 2011?

by sara on February 1, 2011

“What you know about sippin syrup (nuttin)
You don’t know about po’n it up
Purple drank so speech is slurred (what)
You don’t know about the way we talk”

I give you these Paul Wall lyrics to help explain Texans a little bit.  Well, it explains Houston rappers mainly but the rest of Texans can relate.  We’re different from you other people.  We don’t see snow often.  We don’t know how to drive on ice.  Ice is what we wear around our neck.  We eat Mexican food weekly to keep extra meat on our bones in case of times like this and that means we all have to work harder than you to maintain our goal weight.  It should come as no surprise that the entire city of Dallas and surrounding areas closes down when we get anything other than sunshine. Which explains why the grocery store was OUT OF FERKIN BANANAS last night.  I wish I had loaded up at Costco and sold them out of my trunk for ten times the price.  There is no greater feeling than capitalizing on Snowicepocalypses.  Since there were no bananas, I loaded up on other necessities.

The weathermen were 100% accurate as usual and everyone got a snow day today!  You know what that means?  PUPPYGARBL!  But first, a picture of my breakfast: a bagel with cream cheese and turkey bacon.  I ardy ated it, sarree.

Then we played a game with the dogs.  How long can they stare at a box of open goldfish before caving?  Three minutes.

Then, we braved the elements and went for a walk.

It was all Enzo could do to fight the elements.

Riley, no matter the weather, is a tree hugger.

Isn’t this supposed to be a blog about food?  NO!  I do what I want!  Now look at another picture of my dog.


After our epic walk, we came back and worked from home the rest of the day.  I say “worked” but let’s be realistic, I looked at food/wedding/running blogs all day.  Jason was actually doing real work in his man cave but around 6pm I was worn out from being on the computer all day so I pretended my arms were cramping so he would make me dinner.  It worked!  Check out the masterpiece he prepared:

Hey, how’d that can of Four Loko get in there?  He made us breakfast for dinner including scrambled eggs with red pepper and goat cheese and whole wheat pancakes topped with blueberries.  It was fantastic.

Jason used this Kodiak Cakes mix that I found at Big Lots on clearance.  Big Lots is like the Nordstrom Rack for degenerates.

After dinner I was sugared up on pancakes so I bounced around the kitchen on an exercise ball.  Also, please note how I am dressed.  Vogue hasn’t called yet but I’m thinking any day now…

Keep your fingers crossed for Snowicepocalypse 2011 Part Two tomorrow!!

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Janice February 2, 2011 at 1:38 pm

Hey your outfit is cute! If you had on blue booty shorts with those boots then maybe there’s an issue. Maybe. Pancakes for breakfast yay! Puppygarbl yay! Oreo says howl-o there!


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