Concrete Jungle Where Food Babies Are Made Of

by sara on March 1, 2011

I’m in NYC!  Why have I never been here?  Who raised me?  We got up bright and early this morning and finished packing while Enzo caught up on Foodgarbl.

We flew into Newark and then took a bus to the Port Authority in NYC which was only blocks from where we’re staying, Distrikt Hotel.

Once we got to our room we had a little surprise waiting for us.  AN ALL NATURAL BROWNIE!  Oh, New York, why you so good to me?

The room is very small but that’s just because I’m used to Super Walmarts and wide aisles in Texas.  It’s very modern decor and pretty fancy but actually I wouldn’t even care if it was a cot on the floor with a pop up toilet because I’m just so happy to be in FOOD HEAVEN!

Fancy walk in shower and ToTo brand toilet.  I wish it was BoBo brand.

After dumping our bags, we headed out to walk the city.  We must have walked about 7 miles today.  I don’t know how these chicks in the heels do it but I give them mad props.  Oh also, everyone here is dressed fancy.  I am the biggest n00b walking around in my Juicy jumpsuit.  Did I mention it’s Juicy?  Kidding it’s from Kohl’s and it’s not a jumpsuit.  We walked through Koreatown on our way to find some grub.  We were going to grab Korean but we got scared with Yelp reviews so we headed to a close BBQ restaurant (garbl to come).

There is so much people watching here.  I could stand on one corner and just watch people for an entire day and not get bored.  Plus, it’s totally cool if you just start yelling at the top of your lungs for no reason.  Everyone is accepted here whether you’re schizo or not.

It’s like there’s a surprise on every corner!

Plus, where else can you get buns all day?

If you already have a buzz going, you can head to Mumbles!

Jason had to pull me away from the bakery windows a few times.  I can’t help myself.  I don’t get 24 hr donuts in Dallas.

Yes, we bought this outfit.  When in Rome…

After hitting up Blue Smoke for lunch and Max Brenner’s for lunch dessert and walking around all day, we were wiped so we headed back to our hotel for a phone charging/Garbling break.

The lobby is small but very welcoming.  The bellmen are extremely nice too and they made sure my pictures came out.  I might add them on Facebook before the trip is over.

They even offer us hot apple cider when we come in!  I love it!

We’re hitting up Times Square tonight and there is probably some true New York pizza in our very near future.  Turning 30 RULES!  Looks like I’ll be running the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon at the end of March again!  Unless it’s cheaper to join Jenny Craig.

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Did You Know March 4, 2011 at 3:54 pm

District is spelled wrong. So modern! Fab!


Mommy March 10, 2011 at 10:19 am

I’m so proud I raised this kid……………..30-yr old kid…………….she has such a good eye for fashion, food and fun. And her fiance ain’t half bad either!!! These Garbls kept me entertained while they were on their trip so I had something to read to their dogs, whom
we were keeping while they were eating their way from one end of the Island to the other.
Love ya’, Kids


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