NYC Day 3 Central Park Visit

by sara on March 20, 2011

There are rats everywhere in New York City!  Just kidding, this is the only one we saw and it wasn’t even scary or big.

We were full of vegan power so we walked over to Central Park to see what all the hoopla was about.  Unfortunately things were pretty dead looking and some of the lakes were still frozen over so it wasn’t “gorgeous” like I’ve seen in pictures before.  It was still pretty cool to have a huge park in the middle of a big city.

Hey something in bloom!

Trees are cool.

Someone left their cowboy boots behind.  There was no one around.  Just a random empty bench with a nice pair of boots.  So I stole them.  Kidding!

Oh anonymous chalk messages, why are you always so inspirational?  Because of these three words, I went into a severe food coma the next day.  Keep reading for that fun recap.

Over the bridge and through the woods to Doughnut Plant we go…


I would not walk through Central Park by myself.  Nor run.  It definitely had a creepster vibe.  Okay more like a picturesque creepster vibe.  Like if creepsters were hip.  I bet it’s not as creepy in the spring/summer when things are in bloom.  I’ll let you know when we go back.

Upon exiting the park, we came across these rad statues.  Is he doing the Thighmaster?

Would you rather have a highway named after you or have a semi-nude statue of you in Central Park?  Highways are lame, sculpt me up.

We left Central Park and headed towards Rockefeller Center to go to the Top of the Rock for picture time at sunset.  This idea came to us compliments of my former co-worker and NYC fan, Mandy.  She had some great suggestions which I’ll share with you guys on my wrap-up post.

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Janice March 22, 2011 at 11:02 am

Running through Central Park is so Sex In the City!


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