Eno’s Pizza Tavern, Duh

by sara on March 29, 2011

If you live in Dallas or even if you live closer to Oklahoma in Frisco, you should make the trek to Bishop Arts District.  Why?  Because Eno’s Pizza Tavern is there, duh.

The Bishop Arts District is a quaint little shopping area in north Oak Cliff just 5 minutes from downtown Dallas.  It is a renovated part of town that is surrounded by an area that has not quite seen the same renovation.  Let’s put it this way – if you go an entire block without seeing a yuppie or hipster, you might want to turn around.

I don’t do any wheeling and dealing but if I did, you can bet it would take place upstairs at Eno’s.

We arrived on a Saturday night around 6pm thinking we would beat the crowds.  We still had to wait only about five minutes but the table we got had some pretty uncomfortable Adirondack chairs.

We did have prime people watching views though.

Eno’s has a very cool bar.  It’s obvious they are trying to support microbreweries and local beers.  This is not a come get drunk and throw a wet napkin ring on a deer head kind of bar.  It is an upscale caj kind of joint.  Pearl snaps and flippy floppies.

We started off with a large harvest pear salad.  This consisted of arugula, local greens, fresh basil, pear, pancetta, goat cheese (substituted in place of bleu cheese) and topped with a champagne vinaigrette.  Oh and you get a bonus piece of soft, delicious bread to soak up the dressing.  It was incredible.  I almost wanted to order another large as my entree but I didn’t want Jason to have to eat a large pizza by himself.  That would be rude of me.

We went with a large Traditional pizza with tri-colored bell peppers, fresh basil and hot sausage.  I don’t typically get sausage on my pizza because of the grease factor but their spicy sweet sausage is ballin outta control.  As you can see Eno’s has thin crust and they use only the freshest, most awesometastic ingredients.

Clean plate club check: you’re in!

Look how cool the bar is!  I toll you!  Those glass jars have bar snacks for $.50 each.  In the background there is a stage for live entertainment.

We haven’t even gotten to the best part though.  DESSERT!!!!  BEHOLD GREATNESS.  Foodpeoples, below is the Eno’s Sundae Sack.  Bluebell homemade vanilla ice cream, marshmallow cream, blueberries, pecans, hot fudge, graham cracker, cinnamon and sugar and whipped cream all nicely packaged in an edible tempered chocolate box.  If you had just read me that description and I had never seen or tasted the Sundae Sack, I would have said “Sounds gross.  Let’s go get fro-yo.”  But I took one look at this and realized it had to be omnomgarbled.  It is incredible and at least once in your life you must try this but it should probably be on a reward night because I don’t think it is fat free.  Might check with the chef though.

Jason loves buying me dinner.  You can tell by his “I love buying you dinner” face.

Moral to the Garbl?  I LOVE ENO’S and can’t wait to go back!  I better hurry up and get a job because it’s my turn to buy…

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J March 29, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Looks yum but now I want Grimaldis.


jason March 29, 2011 at 4:51 pm

shitgarbl I never get the be the first commenter


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