Grease Sweats

by sara on March 1, 2011

This is so ridiculous that I am in New York City and writing a review for a Mexican restaurant on Northwest Highway in Dallas but here goes!  If you can’t find Tipico’s, just look for the smoke coming out of the roof at El Regio next door or look for the stripclub billboard behind their sign.

This is not your average Mexican joint.  Well, I guess it might be along Northwest Highway.  But it’s certainly not TIPICO of Dallas Mexican food.

They offered two kinds of salsa.  One was watered down pico de gallo (good) and another served hot with what I think was nopalitos (cactus) mixed in.  The hot salsa was very good.

The decor was bright pastels, like a pinata.

The salsa was so good my dad drank the rest of his through a straw.  I promise we’re normal.  Kidding!  We’re not normal.

A side order of bistec taco  Looks sloppy but tastes good.

I ordered the fajitas which were awesome.  The chicken and caramelized onions combined with butter meat grease cooked beans rocked my world.

They make their own tortillas and they are floury buttery goodness.

They also offer corn but I highly recommend flour.

When we were done eating, a few things were said in the car:

Jason, “The seatbelt was a lot easier to buckle on the way here.”

My Dad, “Hey Mamaw get out I’m too fat to make the turn.”

As you can see, we enjoyed our meal at Tipico’s.  Now where’s the gym?

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Ice March 4, 2011 at 3:52 pm

That looks mad fattening yo


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