I Ran a Half Marathon Again but Troy Aikman Beat Me

by sara on March 31, 2011

This past Sunday I got my butt out of bed early and ran a half marathon.  I even beat my previous time by 7 minutes.  However, Troy Aikman still beat me.  How did that happen?  He’s 44!  It is now my goal to not only run another half but beat his time.  I can’t be beat by an old retired football player.  It’s embarrassing.  So Chicago in August here I come!  (maybe, haven’t booked it yet)

I got to the race with about 10 minutes to spare so I snuck into corral 5 even though I signed up for corral 4 even though I realistically should have been in corral 3.  I never understood the point of corrals until this race.  Wait, you mean I don’t have to go around all these people?  Oh that would have been helpful.  I wasn’t really running for a specific time though so I didn’t care too much.  I had a secret goal of finishing under 1:50 but that didn’t happen.  I finished in 1:53:15.  There were roughly 14,000 people running this thing!  Damn dassa lotta runners.

Jason was best fiance ever and drove to multiple race stops to get pictures of me.  He said he had just seen the truck drive by that said the race had started when this dude came flying by.  Everyone was like wait where is everyone else?  That was the winner by the way.  He ran 5 minute miles.  Oh damn.  I don’t think I could run a 5 minute mile if I was being chased by a killer whale.  I guess that would be swimming huh?  This guy was obviously cheating with a breathe right nasal strip anyway.

Here I am along scenic Turtle Creek Blvd at about mile 3.  I was so excited to see Jason that I nearly started singing out loud to the Justin Bieber song in my headphones.

We strolled through Highland Park, went down Mockingbird, right on Skillman then right on Swiss Avenue.  Here I am on Swiss Avenue.  Hey how come the skinny blonde is in focus here?  JASON!  (it was a camera malfunction!)

From Swiss Avenue we made our way to Fair Park for the finale.  I wish I could have seen the finish banner so I could have started sprinting earlier (I forgot to wear my Garmin so I didn’t know exactly how much more to go) but we circled the Cotton Bowl so I didn’t see it until the very end.  That explains why Troy beat me by 5 minutes.  Minor technicality.

The finishers medal was pretty cool.  It’s a ferris wheel!  Get it?  Fair Park?  So clever!

I was excited to see the Big Belly solar compactor.

I had a bloody toe, a giant blood blister and a stomach ache from eating a Gu gel but other than that I felt like a champ!  After the race we went home and showered up and then my professional photographer fiance treated me to a huge breakfast at Little Gus Cafe in Plano.  Oh and then we went to Walgreen’s to buy old man compression socks, like you do.

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jason April 1, 2011 at 12:11 pm

obviously a minor focus problem, could happen to anyone!


J April 4, 2011 at 5:41 pm

Go # 4754!


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