NYC Day 3 Cupcake Before Dinner

by sara on March 20, 2011

This is going to come as a shock to most of you but I came to the realization in New York that I am not a cupcake person.  I thought I was.  Really.  I’ve had a Sprinkles cupcake and enjoyed it.  I’ve had a Dimples cupcake and enjoyed it.  I even got really excited about them when I first tried them.  But I think it was the excitement of other people that made me think I had to be excited too.  Like how everyone is freaking out over the first In ‘n Out Burger coming to Texas.  I AM SO FLIPPIN EXCITED ABOUT THEIR BURGERS AND I’M NOT EVEN A BURGER PERSON EITHER!  YAY?!?!

I made the mistake of reading a bunch of food blogs before I went to NYC and many of them raved about the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery and Crumbs Bakery.  Since we didn’t find a Crumbs in our 1,800 miles a day of walking the city, we did find Magnolia so I wanted to try it.

They sure do look purdy!  But honestly, especially looking at them right now, I have no desire to eat one of those.  Maybe it was because I really didn’t like them?  Maybe you have to be in a cupcake mood?  Maybe paying $2.75 for a cupcake is retarded?

We ordered a pistachio cupcake with pistachio meringue buttercream and an orange cupcake with orange meringue buttercream and an orange cream surprise inside.  I tasted Jason’s (the orange) and was not a fan.  Before I say it was sick, Jason said he liked it so I can’t bash on it too bad.  My pistachio cupcake tasted like a 4 yr-old tried to make something using sand and playdoh.  I recently decided that I don’t even want a cake at my wedding so disregard everything I just said about cupcakes.  I’m obviously off my rocker.

Thankfully, we happened to find gold when we walked up on Empanada Mama restaurant.

The restaurant was absolutely tiny – about 6 tables and a small bar with stools on the other side of the wall.  I had to suck in my cupcake belly just to sit down in the booth.  The tables are right on top of each other too so we were able to learn a lot about the New York dating scene.

We started off with an appetizer of guacamole served with plantain chips and yucca fries.  This was phenomenal.  I would like to recreate this meal at home.  If only I knew what a yucca or plantain was.

Jason ordered the arroz con pollo a la columbiano.  This contained sofrito seasoned yellow rice with green peas, yellow peppers and shredded chicken and served with a side of maduros (fried sweet plantains).  He was all mad jealous of my empanadas once they came out but his dish was excellent.

I ordered 5 different empanadas because I am tops in my weight class of professional eating.  I had the mambo italiano (roasted Italian sweet sausage with red and green peppers, onions, mozzarella cheese and a touch of tomato sauce), greek spinach (spinach and feta), greek sausage (greek sausage in traditional greek spices), reggaeton (caribbean style roasted pork with sofrito yellow rice and peas) and a vegetable (steamed potatoes, carrots, string beans and lima beans).

They came served in individually marked bags so you knew what you were eating.  As if I can’t tell sofrito rice from a lima bean.  I can’t.

Aren’t they adorable?

I’ll take an empanada over a cupcake anyday.

Five empanadas really was too many.  It was loud in there and the waitress apparently told me she orders 3 to fill up but I could have sworn she said 5 or 6.  Though I was stuffed to the brim, I finished all of mine like a good girl and enjoyed every single bite.  I’m phat.

All empanadas come with a side of dipping sauces.  I don’t remember what they were but obviously I liked the red sauce better.

We had covered about 15 miles of walking so we were pretty spent after dinner.  We walked back to the hotel and were happy to see we could get some southern hospitality if we needed it.  Luda!

Couldn’t call it a day without kissing a pig though.

Day 4 recaps to come!

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J March 22, 2011 at 11:16 am

That pig is mad scary yo. Yum arroz con puercoooooooooooo


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