NYC Day 4 Breakfast Bagel

by sara on March 20, 2011

Our day four plan was to walk to Clinton St. Baking Company for breakfast.  We saw their blueberry pancakes on a Bobby Flay throwdown and they came highly recommended from a few people so we knew it would be worth the trek.  Since it was 3 miles away, though, we decided to stop by Murray’s Bagels on the way for a breakfast before brunch type of thing.  Brebrunch if you will.

My first true New York bagel!  Happy dances with spirit fingers!  Whatever will I choose?!?

Murray’s reminded me of an old diner inside yet had an updated menu with things like chai lattes and even tofu based cream cheese.

The cream cheese offerings were killer.  I saw strawberry chunks and all of a sudden it was like my name was written across a cream cheese spread sky in diamonds.  Now I know what inspired the Beatles to write songs.

J-son went with a bagel and lox and promised to give me a bite.  We fist bump promised and even blew it up at the end.

They gave him a hefty serving of smoked salmon, plain ol’ cream cheese, tomatoes and onion.

I went with a multi-grain smothered in strawberry cream cheese.  Do you see the strawberry chunks?!?!  WHO ARE THEY?!!  Geniuses, that’s who.

We left Murray’s with very happy bellies and continued our trek towards second breakfast/lunch.  It was awfully tempting to stop and and get some Chinese Latina food but we resisted.

Sometimes bagels make Jason angry.

When we starting getting close to Clinton St. Baking Co, we noticed this sign taped to a lightpole.  30 Rock was filming in the neighborhood!  Alec Baldwin scares me though so we got out of there as quickly as possible.  Never know when a Baldwin brother might attack.

Around the corner?  PANCAKES!

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J March 22, 2011 at 11:24 am

I wish the Einstein Bros salmon & lox bagel looked like that =(


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