NYC Day 4 Food Coma

by sara on March 21, 2011

Dessert Truck wasn’t exactly on the way back to the hotel from the Brooklyn Bridge but when someone tells you they had the greatest dessert of their life there, you make the trek.

What started as an actual food truck driving delicious desserts around Manhattan led to an actual retail spot which coincidentally happened to be right next to Clinton St. Baking Company.  These two places led to my sugary demise!

The authentic French macaroons looked too good to be true.  I ordered a box of one of each to take back to my mom.  All 7 of them might not have made it back.  Stupid TSA regulations.

Okay fine I’ll admit I had one at the airport on the way back.  THEY WERE ABSOFREAKINLUTELY INCREDIBLE.  I could easily eat 10,000 of these.  At $2 each, they’re not cheap but neither is Jenny Craig.

Sesame-passion fruit.  Who knew heaven was bite sized?

Okay back to dessert snack.  I ordered the warm molten chocolate cake only because the donut squares were not available until 8pm for some reason.  The chocolate cake had an olive oil ganache center, roasted pistachios and a dollop of vanilla ice cream on top.  Look at this closely.  About an hour after eating this cute little cup of sugar, I was so dizzy I could barely stand up straight and was forced to lay in bed in a very serious food coma.

Jason had the warm chocolate bread pudding with bacon custard sauce.  He loved it!  Fortunately for him, he had some eggs and potatoes already in his tummy to absorb some of the sugar.  I just had blueberry pancakes with warm maple butter.

When we were leaving the dessert truck pulled up!  Yay!  More dessert!  Lol j/k.  But srsly.

We still had a little over 3 miles to walk back to the hotel.  These bikes looked awfully intriguing.  Too bad they weren’t for rent.

Have you guys ever had chomps muffin milk?  Damn it’s good.  Good marketing too.

Hey it’s Grand Central Terminal!  I forgot how cool this thing was on the inside – making a mental note to go in next time I visit.

We finally made it back to the hotel around 9:30pm.  I was starting to feel really bad but knew I probably just needed something other than sugar in my system.  We had just walked over 20 miles.  TWENTY MILES.  On a bagel, pancakes and molten chocolate cake.  And I call myself a mathlete.  We dropped our camera stuff off and walked to the elevators to go find some dinner.  Once I got to the elevators I got really dizzy and felt myself about to either throw up or black out.  Both sounded cool but I decided I better go back to the room and lay down.  I turned on the tv and Food Network was doing a feature on cinnamon rolls so that helped.

Not 20 minutes later and my knight in shining food armor came through the door with the most delicious brick oven pizza.

If you’ve never had a serious food coma before, take note.  The only thing to help it is to eat pizza.  Trust me.  I’m a professional.

We had to leave for home the next morning but what a way to end the most magical 30th birthday celebration I could have ever imagined.  Thank you again to the most amazing future husbandgarbl!

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jason March 21, 2011 at 1:44 pm

Take note kids, the best cure for all food related issues is more food. Preferably the greasy variety.


Serene March 21, 2011 at 5:31 pm

Your food journey in New York was truly amazing. Looks like you had a blast! I also ate at that Magnolia cupcake since I accidentally found myself in front of it. I accidentally eat cupcakes often.


Janice March 22, 2011 at 4:21 pm

Dude you are so baller, you overdose on sugar like a crackhead and eat pizza to make yourself feel better??? Are you sure you didn’t hit up that crackhead for a quick fix?


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