NYC Day Two Four Course Dinner

by sara on March 18, 2011

So we had like 300 recommendations for places to eat but we had to narrow it down because we were only in NYC for a few days.  We decided instead of spending a bunch of money at an expensive restaurant for one dinner, we would treat ourselves to a four course dinner at cheap places!  We’re smart!  Like the water.  We were told to go to Gray’s Papaya for a hot dog but the one near our hotel closed so we hit up the next best thing for our appetizer course, Papaya Dog.

2 hot dogs and a drink for $3.99?  YES PLEASE.  Also, the dude in the picture below was cracked out.  But honestly, NYC crackheads aren’t nearly as scary as Dallas crackheads.  I think it might be the cold weather.

I ordered a simple dog with kechup and relish and it hit the spot.

Jason topped his with chili and grilled onions (we had Orbitz) and we split a papaya drink.  For $4 we were off to an awesome start!

Bitter beer face man!  Why have I not bought Jason overalls yet?

For our primo dish (1st course), we hit up an Indian wrap joint that my friend Slow Mo recommended.  Kati Rolls makes Indian burritos using paratha, an Indian flatbread, filled with your choice of meat, cheese and vegetables.

They offer a cute diagram to pick your proteins.

Jason “rolled” with the unda beef (egg and beef) for $5.75.

While I rolled with the aloo masala (spicy potato mix) for $4.75.  They were phenomenal!  SO much flavor packed into the most amazing Indian burrito wrap.  This was a great call.  We wanted to order more but we had to save room for secondo (2nd course).

On our way to dinner part three, we passed by Radio City Music Hall!  It’s like we were famous.

Okay kids this was our favorite visit of the night.  The temperatures had now dropped to to the teens, our legs were sore from walking all over the city all day long and we were without hat or gloves.  However, you don’t see a place on Yelp with four and a half stars reviewed by 1,562 people and not try it.  By the way, this place also came highly recommended by Slow Mo, our food expert.

The 53rd and 6th Halal Guys cart is a must when you go to NYC.  There is nowhere to sit so you need to be prepared to find a table indoors if it is cold or find an outdoor bench somewhere.  We had to duck behind a nearby building to try to get away from the icy cold wind but once we started eating, we forgot that we now had frostbite.  The combo plate was unreal.  Lamb, chicken, pita, lettuce, rice and a tzatziki like sauce that knocked it out of Yankee Stadium.

It would have made total sense to end the night on a chicken ‘n rice high but in true Foodgarbl fashion, we walked to Shake Shack for dessert.

Their special of the day was the Car-Mallow Anthony shake after the newest player to join the Knicks.

I decided to make my own concrete with vanilla custard, hot caramel sauce and chocolate covered pretzels.  My mind said stop eating but my belly said I can make room!  Belly wins belly wins!

We had so much fun walking around the city to eat dinner.  I highly recommend this method to those of you who are up for some adventure!  On the way back to our hotel for the night, we passed the New York Times building.  Rad.

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