NYC Day Two Snack

by sara on March 18, 2011

Walking around NYC is crazy.  Everything is so exciting that you don’t really notice you’ve gone 10 miles and haven’t eaten anything in over an hour.  Luckily there are views like this to distract you.  I believe that is the Brooklyn Bridge on the right and the Manhattan Bridge on the left.  Both connect Manhattan to Brooklyn.  Damn dassa lotta bridges.

Here is the running path from where we took our bridge pics.  I was jealous of all the runners.  Running in NYC seems so cool to me.  Perhaps someday I shall do the NYC marathon.  I’ll probably have to in order to burn off all the calories from what I eat there.  Maybe Bad Boy Entertainment will sponsor me!  Because we have so much in common.

I was never good with Lego’s but this structure is just mind boggling to me.  I don’t understand how things like this are built.  Probably because I watch Real Housewives instead of How It’s Made.

My brain hurt from thinking too hard about bridges and my legs were sore from walking so long without a donut so THANKFULLY we just so happened upon Doughnut Plant in the lower east side.

I took one look at the menu and couldn’t pass up the creme brulee donut and a cup of spiced chai that they make in house everyday.  Best cup of chai I’ve ever had, hands down.

Foodpeoples?  Looka hurr.  There is creme brulee inside the cake donut.  Top is torched.  Whole thing is blessed by the Pope.  Or tastes like it.

Jason went with a glazed yeast donut.  He devoured it before I could get a bite.  Usually I’m quicker than that so I was disappointed in myself more so than I was upset with him for not sharing.  I still yelled at him in public though.

Jason ordered a cup of joe and topped it off with a little local milk from Ronnybrook Farm Dairy in New York.  It’s so nice to see local businesses supporting each other.  Doughnut Plant is like hey Ronnybrook Farm you my boy blue.

Post doughnut snack, we made our way back through Chinatown towards our hotel so we could eat dinner.  Looking at these scrumptious fish made me hungry again!

Hello Kitty.

Mmmmmmmm 美味美味美味美味

Just past Chinatown you run into Little Italy.  You also run into 20″ blades on a Chevy Impala.

It’s no Ford Fiesta but that is one baller whip.

Oh look who learned how to make cannoli’s!  We thought about eating dinner in Little Italy but people actually came out of the restaurants and were trying to hassle us to come in and eat.  I felt like a piece of meat.  Like a rump roast.  We had better plans for dinner anyways.

There are some pretty trendy bikes all over NYC.  I am a nerd and as such I take pictures of bikes.  They are super bike friendly here with places to lock them up all over town.  Sometimes you have to watch out for bolt cutters though.

New York City shopping is fancy.  I loved window shopping.  I’m unemployed though so I was allowed to look but no touchie.

With some awesome recommendations for quick, cheap food, we were ready for a four course dinner kind of night (at four different places).  Get ready for it.

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Janice March 21, 2011 at 5:38 pm

Cool creme brulee donut! That’s pretty baller but not as much as the Bada Bing license plate. *fist pump*


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