Someone Make Me Stop

by sara on March 2, 2011

After a brief stop at our hotel, we were back on the streets to see the world famous Times Square.

But first I changed into these:

I’m totally kidding!  The girls wearing these were roughly 14 – 15 years old.  Normal.  When I was their age…oh Lord here it starts.  I’m officially 30.

No matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to get away from the Colony or Dallas BBQ.

Thank God for something different!

It had been way too long since we had food (roughly 20 minutes) so we headed over to John’s Pizzeria for dinner.  John’s came highly recommended by my virtual travel guide, Adriana from Austin.  She is awesome and gave me some awesome NYC tips which I’ll share with you later.

If you’ve been to Grimaldi’s in Dallas, this is very similar.  These are both small pizzas (6 pieces each).  I have a confession to make…we finished them.  Two people.  Two pizzas.  Done.  Oops I ated it.

So good!

The waiter was impressed with our domination so he took our picture with the aftermath.  We also talked to him about one of the locals who was sitting at a table next to ours who tried to buy us drinks.  He said the guy comes in all the time and just buys people drinks out of pure niceness.  He also tips really well.  I felt so bad because he was there sitting by himself doing such a nice thing.  I hope something good happens to him.  Maybe it already did.  Maybe he won the lottery and he’s paying it forward.  Or maybe he’s trying to pick up chicks.  Either way, nice guy.

Also, during our meal these guys busted a bike lock with bolt cutters.  It looked suspicious but who am I, the Port Authority?

After dinner we walked through Times Square back to our hotel and I snapped a few more pics.  On a side note, I should probably go on a diet.

New York City is seriously awesome.  I’m so glad Jason surprised me with this trip!  There is SO much to do/see here and there’s no way we’ll cover it all but we’re trying to eat do as much as possible while we’re here.  The thing I love is that everyone I’ve talked to who knows I’m here is just as excited as I am about being here.  They want me to go to all the special places they went to when they were here.  I love exciting energetic cities!

As promised, here are Adriana’s NYC travel tips for rookies.  THANK YOU SO MUCH ADRIANA!  I think I’ll have another list tomorrow from another NYC fan so get excited!

1. Central Park – go see it – gorgeous
2. Right by Central Park go to the Apple store. It’s a giant clear
3. Go by Tiffany’s.
4. Go to FAO Schwarz and take a photo with the guards up front. I don’t
know if they are there year round but they are in Dec.
5. Eat something from a street vendor. I’ve always wanted to.
6. It sounds tacky but go to a Broadway show. It’s amazing/awesome. You
can sometimes find inexpensive tix. Ask the concierge at the hotel for
help or check out Wicked is beyond awesome. Phantom of
the Opera? Mer.
7. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.
8. Museums are amazing there. Guggenheim!!
9. Explore south part of the city – SOHO!
10. Figure out how to ride the subway. It’s pretty awesome. Just do it
during the day…

Have fun!!

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Crust Police March 2, 2011 at 12:58 pm

It doesn’t count as totally eaten if you didn’t eat the crust! That’s the second best part and the most filling, so duh.
If you look online some of the museums are free during the week, cant remember which days but I know the MOMA has a free day and its AMAZING!


Janice March 4, 2011 at 4:36 pm

I’m constantly amazed at how 2 perfectly normal looking people can eat that amount of food. It’s astonishing.


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