Up in Blue Smoke

by sara on March 1, 2011

Before you even leave your snide, sarcastic, painful comments, I realize this was an NYC FAIL.  I remembered seeing Blue Smoke on the Eatliverun blog so I had high hopes for it, even if it was a BBQ restaurant in NYC.

The menu is very creative and it was tough deciding what to go with.  So, I looked at the prices and went with what was cheapest.  Take that NYC!

Each table has a container of condiments including their own magic dust, flavored salt and barbecue sauces.  The barbecue sauces were MAD WEAK.  Barely any flavor.  I drenched my pulled pork sandwich in their sauces plus Texas Pete’s hot sauce and it still could have used flavor.  New Yorkers are afraid of spice, I’m afraid.

The interior has about 15 tables and a long bar.  The tables along the street have a long bench with pillows.  Cute!  There is also a small, random dessert showcase when you walk in.  At a BBQ restaurant.  Awkward!  Or wait, did you want a cupcake with your ribs?

Texas Pete represent!  Even my boy Pete couldn’t give my sandwich enough flava to make it a winner.

The highlight of our meal, though, were the sweet potato wedges.  These were PHENOMGARBL!  They are served with a “maple sauce” which…earmuffs if you want to think they’re healthy…is made of Vermont maple syrup, sour cream and mayonnaise.  That’s it.  Those three ingredients.  But these wedges were already flavorful enough to where they didn’t even need the heart attack sauce.  Don’t get me wrong, I still ate the sauce.

Here is my pulled pork sandwich.  I ate it all because we were famished after flying/walking around all day but I would not order this again.  The slaw on the side was void of any flavor too.  Why didn’t we just eat in Koreatown?!

Jason got the pulled pork platter and glommed it as well.  Because he was fungry.  But not because it was the best pulled pork ever.

A nice touch was a plate of toothpicks and wet napkins that comes with your bill.  I put these in my purse in the same compartment where I keep coffee creamer, straws, plastic spoons, red pepper flakes and napkins all taken from restaurants along the way.  And I don’t even drink coffee!  LOL!

Look how happy he is to be buying me lunch!  He loves me!  He made me buy lunch dessert.

Next stop?  Max Brenner’s.

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ice March 4, 2011 at 4:30 pm

NYC are BBQ n00bz


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