by sara on April 15, 2011

Let’s get to the big news first as I’m sure you’re all on pins and needles.  I got a job!!!  Picture this: five minute commute, no dress code, working with a bunch of monkeys.  HOW COULD I NOT TAKE IT?!?!

Enzo and Riley were stoked about the news as you can see from their big smiles.  They look cute don’t they?  Don’t let the adorableness fool you.  Because of these clowns I now have the legs of a 90-yr-old (no offense, Grandma) from running so much.

The good news is, a run with the mutts results in extended nap times.

To celebrate my big life changing event, JayJay took me to dinner at the new Twisted Root Burger Co at the Shops at Legacy.

Excellent signage.

I went with a turkey burger and some goat cheese with a side order of sweet potato chips.  The turkey burger does not have a lot of flavor but whatever goat cheese they use is SO SOFT, CREAMY AND AWESOMEGARBL!  It totally takes over the taste of the burger and I love it.  The sweet potato chips were a sugary disaster.  I swear the Twisted Root in Deep Ellum doesn’t put sugar on their chips and if they do it must have been very subtle but these were doused with it and way too sweet.  I wish they had sweet potato fries (hello, there’s a fry revolution going on, catch up!).

JayJay the Network Engineering Wonder had a Western Burger topped with bacon, cheese, onion rings and jalapenos with a side of straight cut fries.  This guy knows how to order.  The onion rings were awesome.  So were the fries.  The fries were seasoned with something awesome that wasn’t sugar.  How novel.

If you’re feeling saucy, they offer homemade sauces to top your burgers with or for dipping your fried sides.  Like Arby’s!  But different.

Let’s talk ambiance.  We sat on the patio across from Gordon Biersch and RA Sushi and next to Cafe Istanbul because we thought it would be fun to count the number of Affliction shirts we could spot.  The patio felt more like a deck and had huge trees with hanging tree ornaments including a monkey trap.

I need this for my desk at work.

If you want some awesome people watching, hang out by RA Sushi.  There is no better entertainment than watching cougars go after fauxhawked d-nozzles over appletini’s.  How do you think I got Jason?

The Twisted Root boys once again went all out with decoration.  There are signs everywhere instructing you where to go and what to do but be careful as they can be tricky.  The door says “push” but it has a handle so you should probably “pull.”  They seem to mix some Dick’s Last Resort attitude with a twist of southern charm.  It works for ’em.  I’ll definitely go back to Twisted Root but I won’t get the sweet potato chips and I will make sure someone else opens the doors.

Because of this stinkin chair, I got a craving for dessert and Paciugo just happened to be right across the street.

We both ordered up a double of sea salted caramel gelato because we like to be cutesy and match.

The first few bites hit the spot.  Then it all started to melt…FAST.  And they give you a toddler spoon to eat it with so I couldn’t gulp it down fast enough before it melted.  Waaaaahhhhh.  It’s probably a good thing though because that milk hit my stomach like a ton of bricks.  Have I told you guys I’m lactose intolerant?  It’s pretty cool.  My mom says there are pills I can take but when I constantly complain about stomach aches I feel important.  So, who’s up for ice cream later?

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Ice April 18, 2011 at 4:00 pm

WOOT WOOT! I hope you pop lock and dropped it on yo first day!


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