So Many Indian FLAVOURS

by sara on April 5, 2011

When we were leaving Little Gus Cafe a few weekends ago, we spotted an Indian joint that we decided we needed to try.  Indian Flavours serves Gujarati Thali.  Gujahuh?  Let me explain.  Gujarati refers to western Indian food (where it is mostly vegetarian) and Thali is a selection of different dishes usually served in round bowls on a tray.  Yelp reviewers said it was some of the best Gujarati food in D/FW.  When I want Gujarati, I want the best.  Plus, if you’re thirsty, you can get water next door!  Win/win.

I should go ahead and tell you that if you are like me (not Indian)(not vegetarian)(socially awkward) then you should probably study the menu beforehand so you don’t look like a total FOB nerdlet when ordering.

Jasmati and I rolled with two combo’s and a side order of onion pakora.  I also got a mango lassi to wash it down.

The mango lassi was very refreshing as some of the items were pretty dang spicy.  They give you a cup of buttermilk to help alleviate the burn but I would rather drink a case of Four Loko.

We enjoyed everything on our platter except this pickle experiment.  I’m not sure how they pickle in India but it might involve battery acid?  Windex?  Buttermilk?  It was like solid vinegar and I’ont like that.

Below was some sort of yogurty junk I presume also to help put out the fire.  It wasn’t something I wanted in a half gallon jug with a big spoon while I watched the Bachelor.

The hush puppy biscuit was really good.  Not sure what was in it.  I’m an awesome food critic huh?  To the right of the biscuit was a delicious rice pudding mixture.  Perfect to end the meal with.  Except I started with it.

The cauliflower/pea mixture and lentil surprise were the two spicy culprits.  I think the family and the chef were probably watching us from the kitchen laughing at how we reacted to each part of the Thali.

Each Thali is served with some papadum and roti for dipping.  Luckily we also got plastic silverware too.  Although bread spoons are more fun.

The soup (dal?) was pretty good too.

Our most favorite part of the meal was the onion pakora with cilantro chutney dipping sauce.  The breading was very light and delicious and perfectly seasoned.  To be honest, I totally would have enjoyed the onion rings without the chutney but it did add a bonus flavor.

Jason’s combo came with a roti pancake with candied butter of some sort.  The bread itself was pretty bland but when you took a bite with the sweet rock candy on top it was delicious.  How do they think of these things?!?!

Overall impression of Indian Flavours?  I would definitely go again but I would order something other than the combo platter.  Probably get a couple sabji’s, pakora’s, bhaji’s, a dahi wada and maybe a lilva kachori (if I’m in the mood).  Unfortunately for Indian Flavours, we discovered Z Grill (Pakistani) right down the street and we LOVED IT.  Review to come.

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jason April 6, 2011 at 10:20 am

I’m excited about the future foodgarbl fueled war between Indian and Pakistan!


J April 6, 2011 at 10:26 am

Is their theme song as cool as Yogen-Fruz? I hope so. I’m too skerred to try this without assistance.


Huzy pdubs June 15, 2011 at 12:18 am

Being an American born confused desi, I can tell you first hand that I don’t have thali when I go eat Indian food out! You are a brave soul white woman and your fiancé mr. Chokelahoma!


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