To Stay or To Go

by sara on April 8, 2011

I ran into a former co-worker today on my walk with the dogs.  He was dressed in a business suit and on his way to a budget meeting – two things that didn’t happen at our last job.  Though we didn’t have to dress up and didn’t have budget meetings, both of us quit within weeks of each other because we couldn’t take it no mo.  We both talked about having those days where we kind of regretted leaving but then we have many more days where we are so glad we got the heck outta dodge.  I really do miss my co-workers though.

I miss my little cubicle overlooking the gorgeous traffic jams of downtown Dallas.

I miss shocking co-workers when I made it in before 9am.

I miss making it rain at my desk (don’t hate the playa).

I miss going to Albertson’s on my long lunch break to order confusing custom cakes to celebrate life events of co-workers.  Guess how many times I had to spell “Fidurple” for the cake lady?

I miss the pranks I pulled daily on the guy that sat behind me.  He ended up quitting too but while he was there I got him with bubble wrap behind his chair when he wheeled back, air canister spray to the head while on the phone with a client and calling him 127 times after he left so he had 127 missed calls when he got to work the next day…including the dreaded voicemail light.

I miss getting surprised with flowers at work.  They were always different and beautiful and colorful and they brought life to an otherwise dreadful existence.  I’M KIDDING IT WASN’T THAT BAD!  But kind of.

I miss having random challenges like a cupcake throwdown.  I won with these jalapeno cupcake beauties.  I beat a guy who candied his own ginger and made two different kinds of ganache.  We’re in Texas, buddy.  Don’t mess with the state fruit: the jalapeno.

I miss going to important meetings with critical thinking and high level stats.

Man oh man do I miss lazy cake.  One of my bestest whoa-di co-workers, Serene, made this stuff and it rocked my world.  I’m drooling just looking at the foil.

I miss Asian Club.  If you only knew how hysterical this moment was when I took this picture.  I laughed the entire hour and 45 minute commute home.  This young girl was really there for Asian Club and I asked if we could take her picture and without hesitation she threw up the deuces.

I miss watching tornadoes take out parts of Dallas.  And by take out parts of Dallas I mean knock over a couple benches and traffic cones.  Danger!  Get on the flo!  By the way, when I took this picture the sirens and building alarm had been going off for 20 minutes telling us we were unsafe and needed to get away from the windows and take shelter.  I do what I want!

I miss my Quality hat.  I really did a good job when I had that hat on.  Ask my boss.

I miss pretend kicking people out the door when they quit.

I think the reason I’ve had such a hard time figuring out what I want to do next is because I am having a hard time letting go of the good times.  It was really like a breakup with an abusive boyfriend.  The boyfriend showered me with gifts but he also made me nervous and stay up late to give him reports.  His friends were cool though.

I have to remind myself that the job was just simply not right for me.  It was stressing me out beyond belief.  I actually broke out in hives at one point and took this picture because I was kind of in shock.  I never had hives before so I googled “stomach rash” and thought I was dying before I realized it was stress related.

I wrote this post to try to help me get the motivation to move on with my life.  I have to accept the fact that I made a difficult decision for the better and now I need to tackle my future, whatever that may be.  I feel rull bad too because I haven’t even been back to have lunch with my bestest buddies.  I’ve kind of pushed them away because I figured I needed to “move on.”  But moving on doesn’t mean de-friending people.  I’m dumb.  Please whoa-di’s, forgive me.  And please America, hire me.

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Jason April 8, 2011 at 12:59 am

I like this.


Serene April 15, 2011 at 10:05 am

I like this also. Shout out to the Peach Fresca I’ll never see on that desk again. We miss you at work but understand that you will move on to better places. Just understand your coworkers will not be nearly as caj as we are.


Huzy PDubs April 15, 2011 at 10:16 am

Even though Crump’s personality is just as outgoing as yours, he makes a terrible replacement for you at your desk. You are, and always will be missed.



Ice April 18, 2011 at 3:57 pm

Dang you gotta get all deep and shiz! I just saw a baby try to be born, I don’t think I can handle this right now. Just kidding. Miss you lots but super happy for you!


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