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by sara on June 15, 2011

As a professional food blogger I must first admit something…I know the owners of Tiramisu Italian Restaurant.  I know I know, I’m a giant frickin deal and I bet you’re even wondering “Sara PLEASE tell us you’re running for President in 2016?”  And I probably will run but right now I just want to focus on my overeating k?  Let’s get down to Italiangarbl bidness.

First, the negatives:

You can’t draw on the tables.  I associate Italian restaurants with crayons and paper tablecloths.  Tiramisu is more upscale and I actually felt guilty when I accidentally flung marinara sauce at Jason.

There was music playing in the background but it was barely noticeable.  Now, this is actually a plus in most situations but for a restaurant starting out that doesn’t quite have a crowd every night, a little Hall & Oates is nice to avoid awkward silence.  And trust me, there was plenty of awkward silence.  After dating for nearly 5 years what else is there to talk about you know?  Robots?  Covered it.  David Hasselhoff comeback?  Donezoes.  Venus flytraps and how they work?  Googled at the table.  See?  Awkward.

There was no dessert tray when you walk in.  With a name like Tiramisu which implies bakery more than restaurant, the first thing I want to see when I walk in is a plastic rendition of tonight’s mascarpone lady finger espresso special.

Now, the positives (the food):

We started with the calamari because nothing says celebration like fried squid.  The sauce was delicious.  I wanted to bust out in a Little Mermaid song it was so good.

As if the marinara sauce and winning the NBA Championship wasn’t enough, they brought out FREE garlic rolls!  They looked so delicate and perfect, almost fake even.  I expected them to be garlic doughy heaven but they just tasted like your average rolls with garlic butter brushed on top.  This was actually a good thing because I didn’t want to fill up on bread.

Next course?  All entrees come with a small salad.  Fresh lettuce, fresh onion, fresh tomatoes and DJ Jazzy Fresh Italian drizzle.  I actually would have preferred a balsamic dressing because Italian is so oily but that’s just a personal thang.  It was a deliciously crisp salad.

For our main entrees, I ordered the chicken piccata and Chokelahoma Joe ordered the chicken parmigiana.  Everything is bigger in Texas and Tiramisu entrees can prove it.  We had to get half of them wrapped up because we are weak and lack discipline and could not finish.

The piccata sauce was very lemony just like I like it and had HUGE artichoke hearts!  My only complaint was that the chicken was breaded.  But apparently I’m drunk because I just googled piccata recipes and apparently it’s common to bread the chicken.  The last time I had it was at Campisi’s and it was grilled.  I prefer grilled but Tiramisu’s rendition is a runner-up fo sho.  The chicken parmigiana was delicious as well and included the same fresh tomato sauce that we loved with the calamari.

I’m such a Garbl FAIL by not saving room for the signature Tiramisu dessert but I do have to fit in a wedding dress at some point in the next 5 years (still haven’t set a date FTW!).  I promise next time I’ll start with dessert and do jumping jacks between courses if need be.

You don’t expect a good, classy neighborhood Italian restaurant to pop up between a Christmas store and a donut van but there it is – Tiramisu Italian Restaurant – destined for glory.

You all must go try this place not only to make my friends kagillionaires but to reward yourself with a lovely Italian meal after a hard day at a stupid job.  If anyone wants to go back with me, I have a VIP member card and get 15% off future purchases through November.  Oh and did I mention I know the owners?

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Janice June 15, 2011 at 9:31 am

Ver nice garbl! Long time no see or hear from 🙁 I was getting sad face from lack of garblage. So you went to tiramisu and didn’t order tiramisu?!?! WTF mate! I hate auk silence too. There’s only so much to be said in one din-din. iPhones save us from having to force any actual conversation but I’ll like his stupid dumb post on FB from the table!


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