Electric Vehicle Parking Only

by sara on August 15, 2011

Our Austin adventures continued.  Rather than waste electricity, we took the almighty powerful road pwning gas guzzling Chevy Avalanche to brunch in downtown Austin at La Condesa.  Are electric vehicles the wave of the future?  Or is this going to be like that Segway fad that was so awesome that the inventor rolled off a cliff?

When the sign says walk, do so over to La Condesa for a Mexican brunchiesta.

Start with the guacamole.  Ask for it crazy and you’ll get watermelon, pomegranate seeds and feta on top.  Served with four salsa samplers.

You thought jalapenos were the only way to kick guacamole up a notch?  Think again.

Do yourself a huge favor and order one of their many varieties of aguas frescas made in house with seasonal flavors.  This stuff will make you want to punch Diet Coke chemicals in the face it’s so good.

What looks like a potential fire hazard is actually a crafty lighting design.

Huevos Rancheros.  Ranch Balls en ingles.  Will make you feel like you swallowed a bowling ball but it was delicious.

Huevos Condesa.  Condescending Balls en ingles.  You will feel like you swallowed a 3 pack of tennis balls but it was also delicious.

Molletes de Atun.  Tuna mullet en ingles.  Listed under the ensalades portion of the menu so I was expecting a salad for $14 with seared ahi tuna, arugula and salsa veracruz.  Instead I got a seared tuna aioli open faced torta with a side of six minute egg salsa.  Misleading on the menu but very yummy nonetheless.  Had a saffron aioli but would have enjoyed a wasabi aioli instead.  Aioli snob alert!  LOL!

Oh hey look it’s those trendy Segway things.  If these are still in use, maybe electric cars will last after all.  I mean if cliff diving doesn’t scare you then plugging a car into the wall shouldn’t either right?

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Ice August 17, 2011 at 11:49 am

This actually looks really tasty but I’m still full from reading your other Austin food article.


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