We Bought a House, I Turned 31 and Other Cool Stories

by sara on March 1, 2012

I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to get married first, but Jason and I skipped the lame part and went straight to the cool part – WE’RE HOME OWNERS!  Well, technically, we’re MORTGAGE OWNERS!!

Our new patio - ME ENCANTA!!

The New Garbl Test Kitchen

I have to be honest, I was really nervous about saying goodbye to a good chunk of savings and moving out of my comfort bubble and into Suburbia.  But once I saw the old lady walking around with a baseball bat on my commute into work a few mornings in a row, I knew we made the right decision.

I’ve noticed a lot of things living in the burbs.  First, kids hate socks.  What is it with these mallards?  We see kid’s socks everywhere on our dog walks.  Is the grass itchy?  I know it’s been warmer than usual but do you really have to go barefoot to cool off?  I don’t remember having an aversion to socks growing up.  Then again, I was allergic to milk and bit people so maybe I was a special case.  Second, people love their garages.  I looked around our garage and I don’t get it.  It’s boring.  And what is wrong with going in/out the front door?  I am against garages.  They encourage anti-social behavior and they smell.  J/k I love our garage and I love not having to talk to our neighbors.  J/k again I love our neighbors.  J/k I haven’t met our neighbors because we all have garages.

Let’s get to the reason why I needed to Garbl in the first place.  I turned 31!  First of all, my bestest whoa-di’s sent me Tiff’s Treats at work!  It was an awesome surprise and it made me sad face that we don’t work together still 🙁  I miss y’all bustas.  On Saturday we met my parents for lunch and then I opened presents.  I was praying, hoping, pleading for a James Brown mugshot photo for my office but I had to settle for a BRAND SPANKIN NEW (REFURB) MACBOOK AIR!!!  This is my first Garbl on the new machine and so far I’m in love.  Now we can send my 90+ yr old grandmother my old iMac and FaceTime!

For dinner, Jason took me to Tei An in One Arts Plaza downtown.  The biggest problem was that I wanted everything on the menu.  It wasn’t exactly the Dollar Menu, though, so I had to think wisely.  We started with the white seaweed salad as recommended by our waitress.

I could have eaten 12 gallons of this.  It was mixed with cucumbers and had a light vinegary taste.  Amazing.  We then ordered a small tray of sashimi.  The wasabi they had on the plate was not your average wasabi.  THEY TRICKED ME.  And my WATER GLASS WAS SMALL.  Luckily, my nose stopped burning in time for next course.  Jason got the green soba noodles with duck and I went with tuna tartar with soba chips.

Tei An is known for making their own soba noodles.  They were thin yet meaty and delicious.  The broth was incredible.  We felt like we were judges on Iron Chef because this food was really stellar.  The tuna tartar melted in my mouf.  There might have been a brief moment where Jason was on the lookout so I could lick the plate and not get noticed .

I was not a fan of the soba chips to scoop the tuna, though.  If I was at a Super Bowl party, I would understand, but I was at my own birthday celebration and I expected it to be a little more classy like myself.  Everything at Tei An was such a tease.  It was all Linsanely delicious yet the portions were so small that we left hungry.  Well, the average person probably would have had enough to satisfy the pallet.  We are not your average couple though.  So we went to second dinner at Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District.  The pizza was so on and poppin that I am still drooling over it.

Diet has officially started.  And by diet I mean intense exercise plan because I can’t stop eating.

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Janice March 30, 2012 at 1:17 pm

What the heck I could’ve sworn I commented on this! Kudos to the awesome crib and I’m regretting not trying Tei-An for my bday. More garbls!!!!!!!!!!


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