Sweet Farmer’s Tan and Brunch at Vickery Tavern

by sara on April 22, 2012

Yesterday Jason and I rode 61 miles from our house to White Rock Lake and back.  My butt hurts, my ribs hurt, I still have helmet head and best of all…check out this sweet farmer’s tan on my wrist:

Don’t be jealous.  Just kidding be jealous.  It’s pretty sweet.  We burned over 2,500 calories so we’ve been ravenous.  Luckily we had powdered donuts in the pantry but that can only get me so far.  So we went to Vickery Park for brunch.  If you haven’t been to downtown Plano yet, you must go.  It is becoming quite the hot spot.  Vickery Park is located across from trendy Urban Crust.  It is a bar first and foremost but has gourmet food.  A gastropub if you will.

We started off with the belgian waffles.  They are served with fresh whipped cream, apple, orange and strawberry slices, warm syrup and a tub of butter.  Absolutely delicious.  My hot date ordered the biscuits and gravy.  After he cleaned his plate he exclaimed, “Best biscuits and gravy…ever…I think.”  He always adds “I think” because he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings in case I ever made him biscuits and gravy.  Fact: this is one of his favorite dishes and I’ve never made it for him.  BEST FUTURE WIFEGARBL EVER!!!!

I opted for the migas because we’re in Texas and every meal should have jalapeños and tortilla strips.  If it doesn’t, you’re clearly not from here and should be charged an import tax.  Except for today because it was my turn to buy.

This was actually our second time here and I took pictures both times so here are some pics of the burger and grilled chicken sandwich.  The fries are served with frickin sriracha ketchup!

Vickery Park has one of those menu’s that entices you to want to try it all.  We haven’t had a bad meal yet.  They were a little slow on service today but they only had 2 waitresses (1 of which as the bartender) for a bunch of tables.  We didn’t mind either because we were watching the glorious Rangers take on the Tigers.

Now we’re back home and Jason is washing my car.  I swear I don’t make him do this stuff.  I just tell him I’ll buy him biscuits and gravy if he does.  He shows me how much he loves me by sweating in the shape of a heart:


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Ice April 24, 2012 at 1:34 pm

Seriously you guys are amazing. I can’t believe you biked 61 miles. That’s really insane. I can barely walk Oreo around our park so he can potty. I pick up his poop don’t worry. Y’all are BAMF!!!! That food looks mad good too. Amazing! Jason is looking buff.


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