Who Shot JR? I Took the Tour and I Still Don’t Know

by sara on April 22, 2012

Jay Train’s mom came in town recently to check out the new crib and as a bonus reward we took her on a tour of the set where the show Dallas was filmed.  This kid took us on a tractor ride from the gift shop to the actual house where the filming took place.  He told us that none of the filming was done inside the house, only outside per the agreement made with the property owners.  Cool story bro, tell it again.

Here is the table where people sat on tv.  I got chills just thinking about how many famous people sat in those chairs.  Lol j/k I can’t name one person from the show except JR and he’s dead 🙁

So if none of the scenes took place in the house, why exactly they decorated the house and made it part of the tour was beyond me.  But here is a picture of someone from the show!  Good thing I brought fancy cam for this.  Gonna sell these puppies for millions.

Here’s where someone would have slept had they actually been able to film inside.  Maybe.  Or something.  It was a complicated tour.

How was a water fountain toilet not part of the show!??!  COME ON!  $10 says JR was shot because he tried to sneak in and use it.

Here is a bathtub with a chair.  This was included with the tour.  Still awake?

It really was pretty farmland.  Except it doesn’t appear that they are doing anything with it.  Maybe waiting to build a Walmart.

Aaaah yes, the infamous pool.  Many scenes were filmed here apparently.  They used a tall mirror at the end of the pool to make it look bigger on film.  They didn’t have iPhones back then either.  Man life must have been difficult.

Here was one of the gift shops that had the Lincoln Continental from the show on display.  Some 22’s and hydraulics and that bad boy might be worth something.

Even the horse looked bored.

The Teasing Pen & Stud Shelter made it all worthwhile.  Check out the stud I found!

Damn dassa lotta shots.  Be like e’rbody shot him.  Or he really likes swiss cheese.

Clearly People Magazine hasn’t come a long way.  From WHO SHOT J.R.? to WHO FATHERED SNOOKIE’S BABY?

Okay fine.  I’ll admit it.  I bought a Sheriff badge with  my name on it and wore it for 4 days straight.  Even to work.  Best $4.95 plus tax I ever spent.

Okay but seriously, there were people in our tour group from as far away as Italy and Arizona (bad at maps).  People paid money to go on this tour.  Granted I didn’t watch the show but we toured a house full of rooms, none of which was on the show.  Plus, I listened to most of the tour guide’s spiel and at the end still could’t tell you who shot J.R.  Pretty sure that was the whole point of the show.  All I can say is, if and when I tour the Jersey Shore house, it better be the real deal Holyfield and not some replica beach house with a fake smoosh room.



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Ice April 24, 2012 at 12:38 pm

LOL man foreigners will pay to see anything! Damn Arizonians. GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! True story my prom was at Southfork Ranch. Good times. Not really.


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