Another Orlando Gem – Yellow Dog Eats

by sara on July 7, 2012

I did some food blog stalking and found a few Orlando bloggers who recommended Yellow Dog Eats.  It’s tucked away in a fancy neighborhood in a house converted to retail.

You walk in and order at the fancy dog head mosaic counter!  My favorite!  While we were waiting in line we noticed the guy behind the counter on the phone trying to juggle about 3 orders at once.  We didn’t pay it much attention until the guy behind us (we’ll call him DB) started yelling at him and said “you need to hang up the phone and do your job.”  This was confusing because we realized DB was actually the one who was trying to call in his order from line to avoid the wait.  Homeboy behind the counter handled the situation like a boss.  He explained to DB that he knew he was in line and was still going to try to help him but couldn’t due to too many orders being entered in the system.  DB then said “dude I’m not trying to be an asshole but I’ve been coming here since I was 13.  Do you want me to tell your manager about this?”  Homeboy said “I don’t feel like it’s necessary but if you would like to go ahead.”  I was so happy to be in front of DB at this point.  We got up to the counter and it was our turn to order.  I started asking LOTS of questions because it was my first time there and everything just looked so good!  If they offered samples, I would have stood there for 30 minutes if I could have.

We started with a cup of cucumber feta salad.  Substitute the tomatoes for watermelon chunks and you’ve got perfection.

You get to draw on the tables while you wait for your food!  I wrote “DB has been coming here since he was 13 so if you could drop everything and get him his food that would be great kthksbai.”

Here is DB and his woman friend.  She is wearing trendy leggings with splatter paint all over them.  He is wearing a Polo but forgot to pop his collar.

I ordered the kitty cat nap salad.  Don’t laugh.  This salad ranks in my top 3 favorite salads EVER!  SO DANG GOOD.  The kitty cat salad consists of field greens covered in solid-white albacore tuna with Asian marinade sassied up with fresh grated ginger, red onion, scallions, seasonal fruits, plump raisins, dried cranberries and sesame seeds.  Why have I not been putting albacore tuna in my salads?  And why haven’t I been going here since I was 13?

My main squeeze ordered the pulled pork nachos: a plate of tricolored tortilla chips piled high with pulled pork, black beans, cheese, Thai chili sauce, cilantro sour cream, homemade salsa, mild cherry ring peppers, red onions, scallions, and incredible BBQ sauce. He didn’t even finish the order!  I was so embarrassed.  How can I marry someone who might not be able to win a hot dog eating contest?  I can’t.  That’s why I put off the wedding until he finishes his nachos.

On the way out of Yellow Dog, we went up and congratulated Homeboy on keeping his cool when confronted by the jackass.  We also asked him for a dessert recommendation in the area.  When he told us there was a great ice cream place right down the street I almost hugged him.  Mr. I’m Too Full to Finish My Nachos all of a sudden found room in his dessert compartment for a delicious concrete of vanilla ice cream and heath bar bits.

What a great date night to cap off our trip to Orlando.  I love traveling with my boo!  Which is why I also invited myself on his NYC trip!  Recap of that to come…

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Janice July 11, 2012 at 12:59 pm

What a douche nozzle. I hate people like that. I hope he choked on his stupid salad. Yellow dog eats, racist?


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