Bagels, Another Cute Dog and Expensive Dinner – NYC

by sara on July 29, 2012

We had bagels twice while in NYC and both times they smothered them in cream cheese.  I’m talking like an entire tub from Einstein’s worth.  I litrolly had to scrape off each bagel on the wrapper to get some off.  Cream cheese is delicious but clean arteries are fun too.

Take note Eintsein’s!  Murray’s Bagels offers FRESH SQUEEZED orange juice!

You know what I noticed last time I went to Einstein’s?  Their OJ is MISLEADING.  I even tweeted them about it and they didn’t respond to my tweet (nice customer service).  

Einstein’s OJ says “100% Pure Squeezed Orange Juice.”  What does that even mean?

First ingredient?  WATER.  Followed by orange juice FROM CONCENTRATE.  Oh really?  Doesn’t seem PURE SQUEEZED TO ME!

I digress.  Look at how many cans this dude accumulated.  They must pay some serious coin for aluminum trade-ins otherwise that seems like a big hassle.

The last time I saw kids skating on rollerblades was in the early ’90’s.  It was very nostalgic for me.  Please just give me a minute while I reminisce.

Look at how stinkin cute this doggy is.  I need to hurry up and open my dog daycare so I can play with puppies all day.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha n00bs!!!!

The best part of this building graffiti is the Mister Softee truck leading the race!

One of the only disappointments of our trip was our dinner at the Spotted Pig, a gastropub in West Village.  Because of the price of the entrees, I expected this meal to rock my world.  I was only partially rocked, though.  We skipped appetizers since everything was top dollar and I had the crispy pork belly with vegetables & fried squash blossom as my entree ($29).  I had pork belly once before in ramen at the East Side Kings food trailer in Austin.  It tasted perfect with the ramen noodles, poached egg, green onion and kimchee.  It was not a giant portion of pork belly in the soup, though, and I think that was why I liked it.  At the Spotted Pig, the crispy pork belly main entree tasted like a salted piece of fat.  Which it kinda was.  I think pork belly should be used to flavor dishes because the vegetables swimming in the pork belly broth were phenomenal.  The squash blossoms themselves don’t have much flavor but the batter they fried them in was delicious.

My man crush ordered the chargrilled burger with roquefort and shoestring fries.  He said, with the exception of the roquefort cheese, it was your average burger.

We were trying to figure out why this place was so highly ranked and why there was a wait to get in and why they were so proud of their prices so we decided to give them another shot with dessert.  We ordered the rhubarb tart.  My foodie friends, this tart would be dominated by my grandmother’s rhubarb cheesecake squares.  It just tasted like a tart that you could get a slice of at Central Market or your neighborhood bakery.  Not impressed.

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