Crazy Bettye, Jonathon’s, Cars and Pink Poodles

by sara on July 30, 2012

My grandmother is so awesome.

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This is the reaction Enzo and Riley had when I asked them when they were going to get a job and start doing their chores.

Mamaw is getting funnier with age.  She’s losing almost all of her ability to speak clearly but we’re making up for that with fun facial expressions.

Unfortunately, simple tasks like changing the channel on the TV are proving to be very difficult.  If only everything were as easy as sticking out your tongue.

You may remember the pants gang.  In case you’re wondering, they’re still at it.  However, they have yet to get the checkered pair.

A few weekends ago we hit up Jonathon’s in Oak Cliff because had plans to go to Fair Park later that afternoon.

They were voted one of the best places for breakfast by D Magazine and Jason has been begging to try chicken and waffles so we made it happen.  I wanted something a wee bit healthier so I ordered the Chicken Salad Salad (creamy deli chicken salad, house greens, blueberries, parmesan, toasted almonds, simple vinaigrette).  It may sound simple but this salad was incredible.  The chicken salad didn’t overpower the salad and the dressing didn’t overpower the chicken salad.  If only the government worked that well together.

Here it is.  Chef Jon’s peppered gravy, a Belgian waffle and chicken fried chicken.

That right there is the look of a satisfied customer.  Licked that plate clean.  Also please note the cool black & white pic of the Dallas Zoo giraffe statue framed in silver.

After brunch we headed to Fair Park to see the Texas Museum of Automotive History.  My mom got Jason free passes through Groupon since he is obsessed with cars.  I’m not too much of a car person and I still thought the museum was pretty cool.  They have both race cars and commercial cars dating back to 1901 all the way to 1984.

Oh did you need to get a writing assignment done?  Just go ahead and flip the seat back and type away while your driver gets you to your next destination.  Oh iPhone, you’re so magical.

Jason thought I had tricked him but I honestly didn’t know there was also a Pet Expo that same weekend in the building next to the Auto Exhibit.  Naturally, we had to walk over there and check it out.  Oh, there are puppies for adoption?  How convenient!  I didn’t leave with a puppy but I did leave with a picture of a poodle with pink ears and ankle socks so I’m content.

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Janice July 31, 2012 at 5:07 pm

Your grandma is so gangsta! You’re a good grandkid for visiting her all the time. That fried chicken looks really yummy and fattening. Yay for pink dog socks!


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