Doughnut Plant – NYC – The Greatest Donut You Will Ever Consume

by sara on July 27, 2012

First of all, have you seen anything cuter than frickin donut pillows?

Secondly, they had to build a cage around the donut order tank to prevent me idiots from jumping the counter and trying to glom all of the fresh baked donuts on the racks.

The menu board is electronic and broken out like a grid which you would think would help ease the ordering process but you can’t narrow it down so you end up over ordering and regretting your decision an hour later when your stomach lining turns into sugar.

Cutest donut tables ever.

I had the delicious chai tea along with a creme brulee yeast donut.  We also sampled a glazed yeast donut and a seasonal strawberry donut with strawberry glaze.

The top of the creme brulee donut is torched just like the dessert.  It is the sweet version of umami in my mouf.

If you are like the 15,435 other Foodgarbl readers and you use this site as your guide to eat through the city, please take this advice – order at least one of the seasonal donuts.  They use the freshest ingredients and you would be outcho damn mind if you didn’t order one.

Even the chairs are adorable!  But not edible 🙁  I tried 🙁

In summary, Dallas has no gourmet donut shop and this makes me sad.  If someone is willing to go in on it with me I will open one up with you but it has to be open 24 hour and I have already elected myself primary quality control sampler.  Also, I thought donut wedding cakes were trashy until I went to Doughnut Plant and now I’m trying to decide if 200 tiers is too small.

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