Excess Baggage (Inviting Myself on Business Trips)

by sara on July 2, 2012

Jason had to go to Orlando for a bidness trip a few weeks ago so I kinda sorta invited myself along.  We stayed at the Marriott World Center and though it needed a tad bit of updating, it was the perfect spot for a quick relaxing getaway.

The grounds were really pretty and there were multiple resort style pools with hot tubs, grottos and plenty of badonkadonks on display.

I promised not to get in the way of Jason working and he knew I wouldn’t exactly be picking up dudes at the pool because, well, I kinda looked like this:

When not getting my tan on I made use of the WiFi to do a little job web surfing while overlooking the ballin scenery.

I could get pretty used to this lifestyle.  Right Jason?  What’s that?  I need to get a job?  Oh yeah.  Reality bites.

Here was the view from our hotel.  We were only a few miles from Disney World which confused me.  I figured the area around Disney World would be lush resorts and people dressed as Mickey and Minnie on every corner handing out lollipops but it was more run down, abandoned hotels PROBABLY BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE.  I kid.  I don’t understand health care but I do like to get a rise out of people LIKE THOSE THAT THINK I’M GOING TO PAY FOR THEIR CIGARETTES.  Huh?  Exactly.  Sara 2012.  Vote or Die!  (Litrolly, they’ll kill you)(who?)(I don’t know but my friend told me it’s true)(Buy ammo)(angry birds)

Where were we?  Oh yeah!  I like to stay fit and don’t expect others to work out for me or pay for my lap band surgery so I hit up the work out center for a glorious 7 mile run.

The Marriott workout center had something that changed my life.  COLD WET TOWELS.  They converted this wine cooler into storage for wet towels.  Can I tell you how amazing these felt after a long run?  How have I never thought of this?  Don’t worry we’ve already copied this idea at home.

This was going to be my Facebook profile pic because it always cracks me up when people post bathroom pics of them posing.  I didn’t have $17 to hold up though so I’m going to wait until I’m more gangsta before I post.

There aren’t too many bad things when you go on an almost free vacation but let me tell the best part of our trip: the most AMAZING breakfast buffet.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.  Granted it was $25/person but omgootness imagine fresh squeezed orange juice, a waffle station, an omelette station, 8 different kinds of fresh fruit, flavored sausage, potatoes, blintzes, buckwheat pancakes, bagels and lox, muffins, cereal, oatmeal, do I need to go on?  I actually got mad at my stomach for getting full because it was SO GOOD.

We hit up the same spot for lunch one day and the burger didn’t disappoint either.

If you are going to Orlando for any reason, I highly recommend staying at the Marriott.  Unless you don’t like breakfast or palm trees or hot tubs and then you can probably squat in one of the vacant motels and save some coin.


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