Finally I Can Retire – My Dog Is Joining the Circus

by sara on July 30, 2012

Thanks to a recent storm that blew the neighbor’s kid’s hoola hoop into our yard, we have discovered Enzo’s hidden talent.

Enzo was getting mega praise so Riley tried to join in the fun but ended up distracting Enzo from his new skill.  Then it turned into tug-o-war.  Then hoola hoop became long stick.

I’m really starting to pay attention to Vizsla talents so I can cash in or at least put them to work.  Here I have Enzo helping me take in the groceries.

I also use him to sniff test my running shoes.  Gotta know if it’s time to retire them.

Looks like this pair’s got another few miles on it.

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Janice July 31, 2012 at 4:45 pm

SO FREAKIN CUTE!!! Um, can your grass be any greener?? Damn we need a yard rull bad.


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