I Get Dessert Advice From Katie Holmes – NYC

by sara on July 29, 2012

One night we hit up Sundaes and Cones for a little round I like to call third dessert.  They had some offbeat flavors like taro root, wasabi and lychee but I wasn’t feeling adventurous so I went with black sesame and red bean.  Katie Holmes takes her daughter here on her ex-husband’s birthday so you know it’s good.

They were celebrating their 6th anniversary of being in the East Village!  Congrats!  Does that mean ice cream is free?  No?  You have to pay rent?  That’s cool.

The black sesame ice cream tasted like chalk but the red bean saved the day.  Actually I kinda liked the combo until I tried Jason’s mint chocolate chip and wondered why I didn’t just get a normal flavor like a normal person.

Look at the adorable cone holder!  So cute.

I wanna go cruzn with Miss Daisy!  You gotta wonder who’s in that van.

If there’s anything I hate, it’s waiting on curry.

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