I Mainly Just Go to Orlando for Meat Pies

by sara on July 7, 2012

Since Jason had to work really hard while I laid out all day, I treated him to a delicious Lebanese meal at Habibi near Disney World.  Habibi is Arabic for “Here’s my number (so call me maybe)(and then we can meet up for meat pies).”

Pie wrapped meat gifts are the best!

Jason had the chicken shawarma with garlic lebna and a side of grilled veggies.  He was raving about it with glow sticks and X.

I had the baked eggplant which tasted the opposite of how it looked.  I licked that casserole dish clean.  I think it also had ground lamb in there.  Baaaah dunno.

It would have been really funny if we said we were too full for dessert because that has never happened so we asked the waitress to surprise us with something wonderful.  She delivered.  She brought out clown midgets and…wait no that wasn’t it…she brought us the most amazing rice pudding ever!  Again, I had to share this with Jason.  I should get a gold star for my humanitarian efforts.

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Janice July 11, 2012 at 1:01 pm

That rice looks damn good! Typical. Habibi! Meat pies for the mother effing win.


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