I’m Going Vegan and I Like Running Across Historical Structures – NYC

by sara on July 29, 2012

I am slightly obsessed with food trucks, mostly because I dress like a homeless person and I don’t have to get fancy to eat there.  When I saw a vegan food truck highly rated on Yelp, I tackled Jason and told him to drop everything because we had a hot date planned.  I made a plan to hit up The Cinnamon Snail for a light meal before running across the Brooklyn Bridge with my boo.

We split an Ancho Chile Seitan Burger with beer simmered onions and garlic, arugula, piri piri pepper sauce and horseradish cream on grilled herb focaccia.  Even Jason agreed – this sandwich will make you think twice about vegan eating.  There was more flavor in this sandwich than any burger/sandwich I have ever had.  Cinnamon Snail truck, if you’re listening, please come to Dallas.  Please understand that we have Pei Wei’s on every corner and we NEED YOU.

I have read almost all of the Olympic runner biographies and the common theme throughout the books is that the runners get their nutrition by eating cinnamon rolls.  I want to do as the professionals do so we ordered up a vegan roll to go with our sammy.  Again, it was exceptional.  You wouldn’t know this contained no milk products.

After a long walk to wear off our snail food, we were ready to get our run on.

Ever since I read recaps of the NY Marathon, I wanted to know what it would be like to run across the Brooklyn Bridge.  I would LOVE to run that marathon someday and running across the bridge only made the desire even stronger.

The views from the bridge are incredible and to have an endorphin high while also being enveloped by the surroundings was pure euphoria.  You couldn’t slap that grin off my face if you tried.  You can tell Jason loved it too!

Yay Brooklyn!  Last time we walked across the bridge, we turned around and went back into Manhattan so I was excited to actually walk through Brooklyn a little bit.

This lady’s hair WAS AWESOME.  So far I love Brooklyn.

Have you ever seen anything more adorable than this?

These grads were getting their photos taken in front of the Manhattan skyline.  I don’t know what they just graduated from but I wanted to tell them about the joys of 9-5’s and how they are really 9-7’s with long lunches.

You can see the Freedom Tower nearing completion in the pic below.

You can also see a Brooklyn stud in this pic.

When we headed back towards the bridge, we happened to walk past the original Grimaldi’s Pizzeria.  There’s a line out the door!  I wish I had known this was here and I would have ordered a pie for the road.

The couple that runs together stays together.  Until one of them gets sick of running and then you have to go to counseling.

We tried to mimic the statue behind us but we’re not good at statue acting.

Cool pic yay!

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Janice July 31, 2012 at 5:21 pm

LOL at statue pic. WHERE MAH BROOKLYN AT, WHERE MAH BROOKLYN AT! As soon as you wrote vegan I scrolled ahead. Sorry.


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