Katz’s Delicatessen

by sara on July 30, 2012

This is where a New Yorker cut in front of us in line to order his sandwich but it was okay because we were rookies and they clearly knew him.  Also we are afraid of New Yorkers.

OMG this sandwich.  Unreal.  I don’t even have to explain, just look at the goodness.

The pickles on the other hand, were disgusting.  Not quite sure what happened in the pickling process but it was not correct.  Unless that’s how they were supposed to taste?  And in that case, Snooki has a serious problem.

They had sawdust sprinkled on the floor in the dining area I guess so people don’t fall.  Or so kids can play in it like the girl below.  No wonder kids give each other cooties.

It’s the Where Harry  met Sally table!  I don’t think she had the pickles!

The walls were covered with pictures of famous peeps and the owner.

It was a packed house the entire time we were there AND it had been raining all day.  Those are some hard core Katz’s fans.

This was the line to pay.  Everyone gets a ticket whether you order or not.  If you didn’t order, you hand your ticket to the cop waiting by the cashier and you are allowed to leave.  I’ve never had to abide by such strict security rules to get a pastrami sandwich.

Even though I’m going vegan, I am totally going back here and I’m going to eat the cow out of another sammy.

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Janice July 31, 2012 at 5:11 pm

We tried to go here when we were in New York and the line was OUT THE DOOR! We said eff it and ate crappy pizza somewhere close by because we were starving. We should’ve just waited in this line.


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